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Outlook 97/Windows95 look at Archived messages -- effort failed messing up Outlook 97 Profile

I just recently retired my IBM Thinkpad 380D with Windows 95 and Outlook 97. I have a need to look for some messages I sent that are not in the 'Sent Items' folder. So I figure they were probably AutoArchived and if I want to read them I have to open and read my "C:\My Documents\archive.pst" file. The file modify DateTime stamp is current and consistent with the date that I quit using it as an e-mail client. After reading the help page on how to read archived messages, I decided it was necessary to click Tools>>Services>>Add I first tried to add an Internet E-mail service which prompted me for an account name and other info that I realized that I was setting up a new e-mail account which is not what I was wanting to do. I have added many other "Folder Files" to this Outlook97 instance that live on a server. I have added "Rules" so that my incomming mail messages were automatically routed to one of the "Folder Files". So adding a PST file seemed no big deal when I was actually creating one; but I was trying to add an existing PST file to my Naviagtion panal . While adding this "service" I chose something that looked like it would work for adding a PST file to my navigation panel. I can't get back to see what it was.

What is happening now is that when I start Outlook97, I get a dialog window with 3 text boxes: Postoffice, Mailbox, and Password. I have never had to deal with this before and I don't want to now. The contents of the Postoffice textbox is "C:\My Documents\Archive.pst". It may have been blank during the 1st time I encountered this dialog window because I remember entering this string. Now it is there every time I start the program. The Mailbox and Password textboxes are blank. When I click on "OK", I get an error message window title is "Microsoft Mail" text is "The Microsoft Mail postoffice could not be found on the server 'My Documents\Archive.pst'. Be sure to enter the correct path to the postoffice. If you don't know the path, contact your admininstrator." The focus returns to the dialog window textbox "Postoff" from which I came. This dialog window has 3 command buttons: OK, Offilne, Help. The "Help" option is not very helpful because it again tells me to consult with my administrator to get the location of my postoffice server. I have never had this PC connected to a  "postoffice server". It has always been a simple PC living behind a simple NAT box filewall.

After I click "Offiline", I get a response window that tells me about the benefits and limitations of working offline. I click OK. Outlook97 continues to load OK and all seems well for a while. Then I get another response window that says: "Couldn't read your Internet E-mail profile. Please exit, delete the current profile and create a new one.". I don't want to create a new one. I want to use my old one with visability to my acrhive folder. I click OK. At this point Outlook97 locks up and quits responding. The only solution to this situation is to reboot since Im not running NT WorkStation, W2KPro, or XP on this old little laptop.
Ted Palmer
Ted Palmer
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Ted PalmerInformation Technology ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Well I was wrong about Win95 not being able to raise Task Manager and shutdown a task. That works OK. but all else is the same even though I changed the contents of the "Mailbox" textbox to "C:\Windows\Outlook.pst". I'm looking forward to a fix for this so I can retrieve e-mail to an ISP with whom I have canceled service and they are still billing my credit card. This guy has been doing this to others in our local UNIX users group and I really want to beat him over the head with what he is doing with the credit card companies.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi Ted, sounds like youmay be out of luck, as Outlook only archives with your permission, and you would see an "archived" folder in your list of folders. The only other thing I would recommend is to copy the archive.pst to your new computer and try to launch it or add the personal folders service in your new version of outlook.
Let me know how you make out
Ted PalmerInformation Technology ConsultantAuthor Commented:

I admit that I have been busy lately. Everybody has an excuse and I don't want to tell you mine even nore than you don't want to hear it. But. . . . I did spend some time exploring the Expert-Exchange website and I didn't find what I was looking for. A link with a title like "Getting Started". Initially I assigned a point value to my question of about 200 points then when I didn't seem to be getting any answers I upped it to 500 points. Where was I getting all these points to award for an answer. I didn't know and I was not able to find a link on this website that would tell me. I'm still paying $9.95 per month for membership in this site but so far I'm not getting much benefit from it. I don't want to cancel my membership, but I need an easy to find place that explains exactly how this site works. Like how many points does my $9.95 per month buy me to award to those who answer my questions..??

Please tell me how I can find this information so I don't have to cancel my membership and I can get the valueable answers to my questions that I need.

Thank you in advance,

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