Click event of toolbar button is being fired twice: How to prevent it?

  I have written an application in C# .noe with Visual Studio 2003.
  A problem that I am facing is that when I click a button, the event is being fired twice.
  Has anybody else faced a similar problem? Does it happen for all events and always? How can I make the event to fire only once?

  Looking forward to your help,
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ptmcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably the event is registered twice. Search all your code (including hidden text). Make sure that the method that adds the event handler is only executed once.
Possibly there is some bug in your program. Please show your toolbar message handler.

On the other hand, once I worked with the mouse which gives double-click on every click. :-)
snehanshuAuthor Commented:
I use a switch statement.
I check the indexof of the button in the event handler.
To fix this in a crude way, I have added a global counter variable that fires the event the first time and resets the counter the second time :-(
And this happens on all PCs where we run the app, so the mouse cannot be the problem.
I'll post the code when get to my office (perhaps tomorrow).

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snehanshuAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the typo, Alex.
BTW, does C#, by any chance, fire events for both mouse down and mouse up as the same onclick event for toolbar buttons?
Can that be the problem?
I am using toolbars without problems. Event is fired only once.
Can you post your code?
I assume you have traced it and your event handler is actually getting called twice.  In which case,

did you register for the click event, or a mouse event?  the mouse event will call mouse down and mouse up.  

If you did register for the click event, then each registered method will only be fired once, but you may have adding you method twice.  Check you code as ptm suggested if that is the case.  
snehanshuAuthor Commented:
  You are the one!!
  Yes, some how, the code for adding the event handler to the component appeared twice.
  I commented one, and it works fine now!!
  It would have been quite difficult to trace this down without your comment.
  Thanks a lot!!
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