Help! I can't get a dynamic IP address and can't recognize peripheral devices!

I have been trying to get a new wireless card working in my Gateway laptop running XP Pro. Unfortunately, it has not been going smoothly. As a result, I have installed, and uninstalled the drivers for this card and a previous card numerous times. At this point, I am up to Wireless Connection 8 in my Network Connections window.

The card connects to the AP, but is not able to get a dynamic IP. It keeps its 169.x.y.z internal address. If I use a static IP, the card takes that address, and I can ping the default gateway, but that's it. I cannot get to the router (default gateway address) from IE, and I cannot get to any websites.  The device manager says that the card is functioning properly on IRQ 9.  

The worst news is that I cannot get a dynamic IP address even using an Ethernet cable. I am stuck with a 169.x.y.z address with the Ethernet LAN adapter.

Also, now, the external CD drive is not recognized in the My Computer window.

I think there must be some conflicts going on with the various adapters. How do I fix this problem? Is there any way I can delete all the wireless connections and start all over? Any suggestions?

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LucFConnect With a Mentor EMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi sfraja,

Could also be that you're just have a troubling winsock or tcp/ip stack, try this tool to reset it to the defaults:



  Do other computeres that you have recieve thier ip and dns settings from the router? Is there any sort of MAC address filterting that would prevent you from associating with the router? WEP? WPA? Try doing a hard reset on the router( you will lose all your settings and im guessing you have a small 4 port wireless router like a linksys or dlink. )

The other alternative is uninstall the network adapters and resinstall the drivers and reload the networking components of XP but i doubt it is a computer problem as it did ping the router and holds an IP address, when you manually give router an ip address can you ping/share files with the other computers on the network?
Forgot to add this, check to see in your network places if there is a bridge,  the xp networking wizard uses that and it causes me nothing but trouble. Also i wouldnt have the ethernet cable plugged into the adapter while using the pcmcia wireless card
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sfrajaAuthor Commented:
LucF, I unfortunately can't get the file onto the computer.  The Ethernet connection doesn't work, the wireless connection doesn't work.  The modem connects, gives me an IP address, and I can ping the default gateway, but I can't get to any websites.  I can't ping them nor can I get to them using IE.  

The CD drive is not recognized, so I cannot put the file on using a CD, and my USB flash drive needs a driver that is not loaded on that machine.  Any suggestions?

jjk16, all of the computers on the network get IP addresses and DNS from the router.  No MAC address filtering, WEP, WPA.  I don't think that is the issue.

How do I reload the networking components of XP?  How can I do it if I can get the computer to recognize the external CD drive?

I am not familiar with pinging/sharing files from one computer to another on this network.  I don't know how to set that up.

Can I boot to CD drive and have the XP disk in there and do something?  Will it recognize the drive on boot up?
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
>>LucF, I unfortunately can't get the file onto the computer.<<
Sure there's some way, it's small enough to put on a 3.5" disk if you have one, otherwise, normal networking might just work fine (with a fixed IP), so if you have another computer networked to this one, download it from there. Than transfer it to the troubling one, don't use hostnames, just ip-addresses.

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
btw, for your cd-rom problem, have you checked all cables? Is it still recognized in the device manager?
sfrajaAuthor Commented:
I don't see the CD ROM on the Device Manager.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to the 3.5" drive.  Could you please tell me step by step how to transfer from one computer to the other?  Can I just use a crossover cable between the two?  If so, how do I do it, I have never been able to get that to work before.  Thanks.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Ok, if both networked computers are running XP, it's fairly easy to setup.
First, connect a cross-cable between the two computers. Set both computers to a static IP address in the same range, for example:
Computer 1: (subnetmask
Computer 2: (subnetmask
Make sure both computers are set to the same workgroup.

Then, to create a simple share, create a folder you can use to share things with on the good computer. Right-click the folder, and choose sharing, there you can set what permissions you want to share it with, read-only is good enough for this.
Put the winsockfix program in that folder.

Now from the troubling computer:
Start => Run => type "\\" (without the quotes, and assuming .10 is the good computer)
then that folder should popup, and you should be able to transfer the file to the troubling computer.

sfrajaAuthor Commented:
After I changed the workgroup on .11 to match .10, now it won't let me login.  It tells me to make sure my username and domain are correct.  I changed it from a domain to a workgroup so I am not sure what to do now, but I am a bit concerned that I cannot login at all.  I hope there is an administrator password that will let the administrator login, otherwise I am really in bad shape.  Is there any way to put it back in the domain that it was in and log back in from the login screen?  

I appreciate all your help.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I assumed you where using a workgroup originally...
The administrator password for the workgroup might just not exist, try just pressing enter. Or ask the original administrator of this computer if he knows it.
Some thoughts...

What kind of networking enviroment is this? small business, corporate?
What kind of router do you have?
Whose Laptop is this? your personel one or the company's laptop?

If its your personel laptop, then you most likley set it up, go into safe mode by pressing f8 on  1 second intervals before the xp splash screen comes up,(as soon as your computer turns on) youll get a menu and from there you can try safe mode, then try logging on using admin account which if this is a oem laptop usully means the password field should be left blank as by default it usually is.

LucF is soundling like he hit the bullseye on the prob

--The modem connects, gives me an IP address, and I can ping the default gateway, but I can't get to any websites? --

As much as M$ would like you to believe that the internet is only available through internet explorer, IE is only a browser try these for me once you get the password situation taken care of...
when connected via modem to the dialup account try this...

did cnets page come saying sorry page not found?

if it did it means dns,

else you will want to download the winsock fix or the lspfix, that usually takes care of the problem unless you have some wierd proxy/firewall problem but im hoping you dont....
Sounds like either a dns problem or a winsock, LSP problem. WHich
Also check the router DHCP settings, there would be a setting for the maximum number of systems to which the router could assign DHCP address, and any system which tries to connect after that limit would not be assigned IP addresses. To check if this is causing the issue, shutdown a couple of computers connected to the router including the laptop, and restart the laptop alone. Now try if it gets an IP address. If yes, get into the router configuration and check the DHCP settings.
sfrajaAuthor Commented:
cooljai1, There's plenty of room for more DHCP clients.  Thanks anyway.
hi sfraja

here are some thoughts ?.

1. When you connect to receive the IP Address on the faulty PC could you then provide us with a route print screen and also from a PC that is working !.
2. Create a share on the faulty PC share to everyone full control
3. set Static IP Addresses use the crossover cable
4. Start run \\use the ip\sharename
5. from the faulty PC do a netstat -a then you'll see the pc that's ok mac-address + IP.
6. Can you ping the DNS servers ?.

Please print the Route table here from the 2 PC's.
Is this a coporate network, does it uses a proxy server to go through the network, is there firewall limitations, is the Ping (echo protocol) open ?. when connected witht the faulty pc can you do a tracert to exc. ?. could you from the faulty pc do a nslookup ?.

You said you can't get an IP address via plugging straight into the router via ethernet correct?

Are you by chance running a regular router as well as a WAP or is it all one device?

If you are running both a router and a WAP (2 different devices) make sure they bother aren't set to be pushing out DHCP.

For example i run both a linksys besfr41 and a WAP11 at my home, the router's DHCP is enabled and configured but my WAP11's DHCP is turned off. If i were to have DHCP enabled on both devices it would cause a severe problem of which was going to push out the proper DHCP settings.
You could try 'netsh int ip reset reset.log' on the commandline to make sure that your TCP/IP setup is not screwed up in those parts you can't configure via the GUI.

To verify that your system files are all OK run (from a command prompt) sfc /scannow
Once that is done type in arp -d to clear the arp cache.

Now go to your card configuration utility and make sure it is set to infrastructure, you can not connect to a WAP with adhoc.  Do a site survey and connect to the router with any WEP or passphrases you may have set up.

Once connected (from the command prompt) type in:
ipconfig /release (hit enter)
ipconfig /renew (hit enter)

You should then pull an IP from the router and be surfing....
I used to have this problem once a while. What i did was adding anohter network switch/hub in between. I believe this got something to do with autosensing or hand-shaking process...I dunno.
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