ip default gateway command

When would you use the "ip default-gateway" command in a cisco router?  

Do you only use the "ip default-gateway" command it when ip routing is disabled?

Which is better. Having IP routing enabled or defining a default gateway?

How does this differ from gateway of last resort?

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scampgbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi dissolved,

The "ip default-gateway" command is used to specify the gateway of last resort.
It's the equivalent of specifying a route to

As for the difference between default-gateway and turning off IP routing, they aren't related.

If you turn off IP routing, it does exactly that - and essentially defeats the point of having a router :-)

Does that help?
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks man
Hi Disolved.

Thanks for the "A" :-)

I had a cisco soho router, which NAT with my Office internal LAN behind.

on this router, i had placed a command
ip  <isp_wan_ip>

this will also internet traffic to comes into and go out via my router.

I just order a new sets of 14 LAN ip address, which I will need to conffig  for my LAN

ATM0 : / 30
cisco router
Ethernet0 : / 28
interface : / 28
interface : / 24

The firewall of course will do an NAT for .

But what sort of  ip route i need to put in my cisco router?
or do i need need to use ip default-gateway  command ?
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