Catalyst 2822 - Don't know how to get it up and running

I recently purchased a Catalyst 2822 to learn IOS, except it doesn't work out of the box like a brand new switch might. I am wondering if I have to access  IOS through the console on the back. If this is the case I would just buy a regular serial cable and open up hyperterminal to set all of the settings. Also, I don't see anywhere to download IOS by flash memory. Is there some way I could totally reset it?
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MarkDozierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what do you mean, doesn't work like a new switch might?
To configure the switch you will need to console into it using the console port.
And you do not use a regular serial cable. You will need an RS-232 to rj-45 adpater and a cross over cable or buy a cisco console cable, which has it all in one piece. you can find them on ebay for about 5 bucks.
To change or update the flash uyou need to get the new image from aTFTP server. TFTP serve ris rather simple to setup and you can find them at cisco or Solarwinds.I currently use the Solarwinds TFTP server. Then you will need to get a new iamge to load on the TFTP server.
What do you mean totaly reset it? If you what to blow away everything there are several steps to take. first erase startup-config
then use then delete fflash:vlan.dat - blows away the vlan table
do a reload and that should fix it.

JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to console into the switch, using the DB25 Serial - RJ45 connector and rollover cable that came with it.  The connector plugs into your PC's serial port and one end of the RJ45 rollover cable.  The other RJ45 end plugs into the console port on the switch.  Use a Hyperterminal session to access the switch and the Command Line Interface.

To completely erase the configuration on the switch, type the following once you access the command line via Hyperterminal:

switch#write erase
If I remember correctly, a 2822 switch doesn't use IOS at all- it uses vt100 menus. You can put it in command-line mode but it's only similar to IOS, it's not actually IOS.
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Oh by the way- it will work right out of the box. But if you bought it used then it might have a config on it already which may be causing you problems. Follow previous suggestions to get into it.
shadiestoneAuthor Commented:
can you point me in the direction of which cable i need to access cli from hyperterminal, this switch didnt come with one (maybe thats why it was 25 bucks)... i was assuming i could use a regular DB-9F to DB-9F and plug it in to the console port. or do i need to plug into the AUI to get the CLI?
AUI is an ethernet port. You need a rolled serial cable. You can get them reall;y cheap on ebay, or you can make one if you have to. Make up a CAT-3  or CAT-5 cable thusly:
shadiestoneAuthor Commented:
so do i plug into the aui or the console port to access the command line
Console port. The AUI port is intended as an uplink ethernet port. It will show up in the config as port A.
shadiestoneAuthor Commented:
i can just plug my dsl line into one of the rj-45 ports on the front and work from that, correct? or do i have to uplink into the AUI?
mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use any of the ports, but I assume that by DSL you mean connect the ethernet from your DSL router into a port on your switch. But to get to the switch management you need to have IP properly configured between them. You will still need console access to do that. When you have a working console cable go to this URL and follow the password recovery procedure if you have to.
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