DNS resolves internally but not externally

I have a dns server set to fastdomain.com its a set domain name and in working practise so i cant change its name.

Name Mailexchange
but my Q. is.

I have a server running DNS/EXchange/DHCP. called mailexchange

now i have a MS VPN server , using routing and remote services.
All of the users that access our network and retrieve there mail have to use a host file fix ,per pc to be able to access our server.

Every server thats inside our network is available via name IF , and ONLY IF u put there name and ip in the reservation of the DHCP.
OR if you place each one individually into the clients host file.

If on any client without the host file fix , i cannot PING mailexchange, but i can ping the ip the most confusing thing is that every VPN is set to ip address 169.254.10.* and the dns as witch is correct.

y does it not resolve to the proper name

in short all external clients cannont ping

and if they do ping it they resolve an  external address of someone who owns fastdomain.com

any resoloution ?>.....

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scottman29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
about the clients resolving the external address to the owner of fastdomain.com, do a nslookup (www.zoneedit.com) to see what the dns records are for your domain on the outside.  Perhaps there is an incorrect entry in the external DNS?
did you create the appropriate host records in DNS for each of the servers?
McfakeAuthor Commented:
hi, and yes all the host records are set. and i also have a reverse PTR set aswell.
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VPN clients typically get their information from the RAS server they authenticated on.  Do you have it set up that the clients will get their ip address from the DHCP server, or from the DHCP server on the RAS server?
McfakeAuthor Commented:
i have tried with 2 different VPN servers 1 that is dhcp ,and 1 that is specified. in both cases it cannot c the domain server via name.
McfakeAuthor Commented:
anyone ?
McfakeAuthor Commented:
coz this annoying me so  much im increaseing points to 500
LimeSMJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might be having a Split DNS issue...  check out: http://www.isaserver.org/articles/2004dnsbo.html for details regarding Split DNS... even if it's an article for ISA Server, some of the DNS fundamentals are the same for any firewall.
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