VBA (Word) Exporting

Hi Guys,
I have a nifty VBA Macro in WORD.  I would like to move it to another computer.  But, when I do this I have to go thru these steps:
1. Create a new macro.
2. Cut and paste the functionality into it from my original macro.
3. Create toolbar shortcuts to the macro.
4. Reference an icon for the toolbar shortcut.

Here's my question:

Is there a better way to import/export a VBA macro? Maybe like using a batch file to do all this for me so I don't have to go thru this hassle on every computer I want the macro on?
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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Why do you say there is no Normal.dot file? There always is. Even if you delete it, Word knows how to and does recreate it.

You can create a new template with another name. Go to File/New and accept the blank document to base it on the Normal.dot, but specify Template in the Frame at the bottom right.
The usual way of doing this is to copy the template. If you put it in the Word StartUp folder, it will be loaded automatically.
Jas001Author Commented:
Will the template create the shortcuts as well?  And what folder would that be?  Is the file named the same as my macro?
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You save it in any template. Just copy the template on the target computer in the template forlder. Macro will be availabe on the ohther system now.

The shourtcut will not be exported by this method. I can;t help you on that further.
What do you mean by a shortcut for your macro?
The usual way to allow the end user to call a Word macro is to create a command button using the 'Customize' dialogue, setting its macro as desired. This can be saved in the template. The new button will be available when the template is loaded.
I have been giving you the simple answer.
It is possible to move code bits on their own. We have been discussing it in this ongoing question:
Jas001Author Commented:
I think I'm missing something here:  

First, the shortcut is the button in the toolbar. You're saying it is contained in the .dot file as well?

Second, My macro is called "Test1" in the Normal.dot as listed in the Organize dialog of Macro.  There is no Normal.dot file.  So, what file do I need to migrate to the new computer to give them the macro and the toolbar button?

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