Solution Title: my pc is slow. is it adware problem? please help!

My pc is running very slowly, it seems to hang for about 15-20 seconds whilst downloading a webpage, then the status indicator will suddenly shoot to the end and the page will download instantly.
It never used to do this.
My pc is 7 months old. It is a HP P4 2.6Gb
I have tried virus removal tools and adware removal.
There also seem to be alot of processes running when i hit ctrl/alt/delete.
Can you have a look at these and see if theres anything there that shouldnt be....

Than You very much for looking :)

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LordRipperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well ..... uhm ..... just want to add ..... that the only stuff that is supposed to run in the back ground is MS mesenger, antivirus files, explorer and all of the normal stuff .....
so there isn't supposed to be stuff in like 3 difrent printer files ..... etc

one last thing that I need you to check is...... close all of the internet pages ..... you need to be ofline.... but don't unplug or disconnect .... just close all of the internet pages you are on .....  
when pressing alt/ctrl/del  ........ and you check under processes ...... look for this one .....  
IEXPLORE.EXE  ...... is it running ??? if it is ..... how many ram does it pull ..... ???
Hi mk5escort,
I had an look at your pics but though not all of the applications running is shown here ..... but what you got on there I will tell you in a moment .....

mm_tray.exe this is music match ...... shut down musicmatch and see if it will make a difrence
hpqcmon.exe this is cam monitor .... dont think it needs to run in the background
anti2evxx.exe this I dont know whats this for ..... can't seem to find out anyware .... lxbbbmon.exe this is for lexmark, though I also see that youve got a lot of unneccary stuff ....
remove some of the ald printer software and so on as there is a lot of them that are running in the backround ..... like hewlet packard and lexmark etc

all in all take off all un neccary programs
now you will see the pics that I got well are only half of it ....
if you can maybe upload the rest I can go thru it also .....
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mk5escortAuthor Commented:
thanks for taking a look. my pic is ALL the processes that are running. (i took 3 screenshots and cut and pasted them together)
music match has been nothing but a headache, i think i will uninstall it altogether.
anti2evxx is actual ati2evxx (no 'N'), something to do with ATI technologies?
Do i not need lxbbbmon for my lexmark printer or will it run as soon as i try to print something? - sorry im not too clued-up on PC's
So basically, what are the essential processes in that list that MUST be running in the background?
Im gonna shut everything else down!!!

Thanks again

mk5escortAuthor Commented:
oh and also, i just wanted to add....

quite often when i try to click on something (on or offline), my hdd starts clicking like crazy for about 20 seconds, as if its trying to do some big task, and the file or window will not open until the hdd has finished doing its thing. and every time i go back to my desktop all my icons are the standard file/program symbol and i have to wait a few seconds until the 'custom' icons re-appear.
I dont know if these issues are all related?


ps. im gonna increase the points on this one LOL :D
Well now that you mentioned your hardrive clicking ....... well this might be that your hardrive is going(your hardrive had better dayes)
If you have another hardrive lying somewhere well try to to put it in and have a look at the performance .......
the clicking is an early sign that the hard drive need to be replace ...... the clicking means that the little in inside is loose and why everything is so slow is because the disk inside arn't being read correctly due to the loose pin ..... and you will find that the disk speed will also be less .......

well just check what happens if you place anothe harddrive in ......
though you can also try to reinstall your whole harddrive but I don't think this will make any difrence(it might for the first day or two) but will then get just as slow .....
mk5escortAuthor Commented:
I only bought the computer in February this year. Brand new out the box.
Could the hdd be dying already???
Its always been quite noisy since the day i bought it, its just thats its slower now as well :(
tell me one thing ..... did it get gradually slow ??? .... or did it happen all at once ???? ....
a noyse hardrive aint always faulty .....
though hard drives are like batterys ...... some of then works for 7 years and other for 6 months ....... before thy go .....

mk5escortAuthor Commented:
TBH, i dont think the hdd is faulty.
If i start my pc in safe mode, it runs like a dream
well I did try to download the pictures again....  though still only got the one pic......
ok..... let see ..... you don't have stuff like Kazaa ...... nor do you have any viruses ......
also if you have any searchbars installed ...... uninstall it ...

does this just happens when you use internet explorer or does this also happens when you are offline ........

tell me How much Ram do you have ??? .....
It seems like your internet explorer is pulling way to much ram ....... mine only takes about 3mb
but it seems like yours are pulling over 32MB ..... I would say ..... well Look if you can do an windows update ..... aspecially for the inter explorer ....... and take of all the stuff on your pc that doesn't need to run ..... like all these programs for printers etc. for printers you only need to get the correct drivers ..... there need not run a program in the back ground ......

just a thought ...... what will happen if you cange the modem or the network card(thru witch everone you are connecting to the internet) ..... a faulty networkcard and modem can cause an unstopable packet sending loop .......

please chech the above and let me know please .....  
can you maybe please tell me what caused this ..... witch selution did solve youre problem for future refrences ....

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