DTS Export to excel, template file not present

I have several DTS packages that export to Excel, you know how you need to create the destination table in the Transform Data Task Properties before you can do an export? I would like to have the DTS package create the destination table and file if a template does not already exist.
How do I go about doing that?
Any sample code?
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Jay ToopsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How about this.

store the template as an blob object in the database.

arbertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's not that easy--does your format stay the same from file to file?  The easiest method we've really found is to create a "template" xls file that just has headings (or whatever is needed, database range, etc).  Then, when the DTS package starts, it copies the blank "template" xls file to the "working" xls file for the output.
Tacobell777Author Commented:
yeah thats what I am doing at the moment, but that doesn't suit me all the time. Like for example when the DTS is moved to Production I'd like it to create the template if it doesn't exist.

There must be some other way of doing it? This is a pain in the butt..
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arbertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Couple of other options we've used--use an Execute SQL task with a create table statement against the excel connection--I've had mixed results with this.  If you have Excel installed on the server (most shops don't and wouldn't) you could use the Excel Object Model to create the structure you need on the fly.

End the end, we opted for the "copy the template" method.  Without using the Excel Object Model, this seemed to be the easiest way to get the sheect exaclty like we needed it. :(
I also have had mixed results using Execute SQL task with a create table statement against the excel connection.

We also opted for a template copy model.
much more reliable and you can get some realy good looking data exports using a prefab template.
Tacobell777Author Commented:
jltoops, I like your idea - its probably not one of the quickest solutions, but at least the template is stored with the database.

I guess you could implement some ActiveX task to see if the template exists, if so, then copy it, if not then retrieve it from the db and copy it.

Still: is there no way to look at the Transformations - destination columns and create a template dynamically based on that information?
Just with the executesql task (unless you have excel loaded on the server)....
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