WRE54G and non-Linksys routers/wireless access points?

Is it possible to use the Dell WRE54G Wireless-G Range Extender with a non-Linksys router such as the Dell TrueMobile 2300 Router/Wireless Access Point?

I am unable to detect it with my laptop when I run the SETUP program included with the WRE54G.  I even tried manually configuring it with the SSID and MAC address of the Dell WAP, but I was never able to get a connection while using it.
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kronostmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
eentc .... TrueMobile 2300 is a 802.11b+ based equipment while Dell WRE54G is a 802.11g product. From my experience, trying to connect two equipments from different standards will always generate trouble if you'll ever manage to connect them. First of all there's a difference in signal modulation between them and second, while 802.11x equipments evolved different chipsets were designed to serve them. Now, not all the chipsets act as they should when connected to an equipment with another certain chipsets. What I mean is that there are different incompatibilities that sometimes can be handeled with only a firmware update, but sometimes they don't ... so all you can do is test if they work togheter. And those ones seem not to work. I'm suggesting you to use equipments in same standard 802.11b / b+ or g , and don't combine them in your wireless network, as sometimes not even the ones followings the same standard are 100% compatible.
eentcAuthor Commented:

Actually, the TrueMobile 2300 is 802.11g & 802.11b.  From my own research, I identified the WRE54G uses a protocol called WDS, which the TrueMobile router does not appear to support. Thus, the range extender will only work with other routers/access points that also support WDS.  It was a learning experience, but I had to try it because the upside/potential was too good. (and of course, too good meant too good to be true.)
eentc .... please accept my answer if you consider it was correct or helped you , or post a request for this question to be handeled in other way than sending it to PAQ, if you consider so.

thank you
eentcAuthor Commented:
It is good information and would be a worthy PAQ, so I will accept your answer.
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