Can a hardware load balancer (cisco CSS) start a windows service if it detects another has failed?

Is it possible to configure cisco CSS hardware load balancer to start a windows service (SQLServer) on one machine if it detects the same service on another machine has failed?

We have MS SQL2000 installed on two machines that are being hardare load balanced and we want set them up as active/failover without installing windows clustering, so of the HLB can start windows services this should be possible.
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Tim HolmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No - this isn't possible.  This isn't what load balancers do - same applies to Cisco CSS, Alteon, Radware, Top Layer etc.
However, you can do health checking and assign active priority, so if your active server has port 1433 open and is marked with a higher priority, then it will always be used, until such point that port 1433 no longer becomes available, in which case the lower priority server will be used.
Either way, you need to make sure databases are synched between the two.
Why don´t you install the "log shipping" option for the SQL servers?
Another thing is that all clients try to connect to the IP of your as active declared server. You will also have to change the IP address of the backup server then.

BTW what do you mean by hardware clustering? Which way do you achieve that?
Tim HolmanCommented:
What would be the issue running these active-active anyway ?  Surely this would be a better way to do things ?
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Well, this is a really good question...

"Active - hot failover" would make sense, if no clustering is wanted.
The hardware loadbalancer as tim assumed it won´t make any sense then.
Tim HolmanCommented:
Is this all you need to know ?
Hmm, strange guy.
With your suggestion he´ll be running an active-active setup.

I won´t use load balancing at all if there is no "clustering" in the sense of better performance wanted. (In this scenario of course)
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