Name for this symbol font?


Does anybody knows which font covers these symbols?

Here's a screencap:

Any help finding these symbols is highly appreciated!

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Lobo042399Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi su-n,

I get the feeling these symbols are not really a font but come from one of those old Letraset transfers. At first look I thought they were part of a special font of the kind some software includes for their particular symbols, like Outlook does. But after going thru the special fonts for a few faxing and organizer programs I started to think maybe not... As far as I can tell from the image you've posted, the image is a scan from an actual organizer, Am I right?

If you need only those three symbols it should be very easy to manually redraw them in Illustrator or CorelDraw and then export them to The Font Creator Program to create a custom font.

Good Vibes!

are you sure thats a font?  and not some clipart?  I personally have never seen a font with those characters/symbols.
su-nAuthor Commented:
yes, i do think it's a font which covers this phone symbols
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these arent exactly like it, but heres some that may help:
another one that might work for you is:

see Cell Pic
su-nAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info!
I found 2 of these symbols in CombiNumerals.
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