Dual Booting Fedora Core 2-WinXP on two HDD

I have two HDD, and have two OS as well, I wish to dualboot it...

sda - Maxtor 120Gb U-ATA - Win XP Pro
hda - Maxtor 40Gb SATA - Fedora Core 2

My GRUB boot loader is installed on my hda, the problem is, I cannot bring the boot priority for my hda up into my boot priority list in my BIOS.

In my BIOS, my priority boot is as such

1) Floppy
3) sda

and in my list of choices, i have only these three to choose from as well. My hda doesn't turn up in the priority list, although the BIOS succesfully detects the hda.

As long as I can't boot the hda first, I can't actually test my GRUB loader, and dual-boot my system.

For now, my "dual boot" is actually manually plugging out the unwanted drive, and leaving my hda in, to "force boot" it.

Please help.....
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root (hd0,0)     # the harddrive and partition that currently has the /boot/grub/  folder
setup (hd1)     # your SATA drive enter  right drive number

make sure /boot/grub/grub.conf has something similar to this
title Windows NT / Windows 95 boot menu
#:1 <-- type: 0 => linux, 1 => windows, 2 => other
      rootnoverify (hd0,1)                  #harddrive 1 partitions 2 = /dev/sda5  for me( goofy windoze installed its self on extended partition) (loaction of windoze)
      chainloader +1
Try upgrading your bios to the latest version.
Good luck
Install grub onto sda  then have it boot to hda when I get home i'll post an example
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djspinnetAuthor Commented:
my BIOS is the latest one, and i don't have a choice to select whether to install GRUB onto sda

i wanted to try installing GRUB on sda but fedora gave me no choice
djspinnetAuthor Commented:
i tried, didn't work too
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