VoIP - N/A with new cable/internet service???

  I just recently twitched to cable ISP and found out after the fact that they do not offer the ability to use VoIP services that are provided by some co.'s like Vonage
     They said they will soon provide (their own) telephone VoIP/type service
                I'm not sure of the reason why they can not provide the service - I assumed 'any' cable ISP had this ability
   Are they trying to keep me from signing up w/a 'Vonage Type' Co. until they get theirs up and running - or - is there any way for me to 'aviod' this obsticle now and get a VoIP service of my choice going now
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ripariusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends...
Vonage and some others rely on a Cisco voip connection built into a router/firewall.  Just because your cable company does not officially support it does not mean it won't work.   The big trick is that the  VOIP router must have a "real" IP address for SIP protocol to work well, which is why they put it in the router...your only real address.    

You can definitely use a service like Skype....Eyeball Chat or Paltalk.  Skype is the newest, it is built on peer to peer technology and designed to penetrate most firewalls and address translation barriers.   Vonage might work,  so if they offer a free trial it might be worth a try.   On the other hand, some cable connections actually time you out or release your IP address to prevent staying on full time.  This would kill Vonage for inbound calls.  

Were the any more specific than "we don't support that" ?

Do you need full inbound service?  (You can go outbound to a phone with Skype).

I assume they are not evil enough to block the standard SIP ports and IAX ports,  so you could even bring up a cheap linux box with Asterisk on it for a full business class phone system using IAX to route calls to a similar (to Vonage) service.  Ther is a lot of discussion about this on the Asterisk Wiki.
gmd024Author Commented:
riparius - Thanks for all the info - I do need inbound and outbound service for my retail home furnishings business
   To answer your ? about my ISP's VoIP support - below is their quote - pretty vague

     ("At the moment Voice Over IP will not work over our system. VOIP is something that will be offered by us in the future, however no date has been determined as to when it will be ready. Thanks,")

    A Co. called Cebridge just gobbled up the previous cable co that supplied our tv channels and of course now the new co 'Cebridge' is also offering cable-internet
    When you say my router must have a 'real' IP address do you mean a 'static' IP
   I've been hearing about Skype - I may check them out
  Thanks again for the helpful info - I'll choose an answer in a day or 2 - right now - your top choice - due to the quality of the info - not the fact that youre the 'only' answer  c-ya  (:D
Well that is about as unhelpful as they can be....  It could mean they don't have QOS or a fast system, or...it could mean they block it.  

You don't need it to be a static address...just not something that is NAT'd before it gets to you like some very bad DSL lines that actually emulate dialup,  or like you give yourself if you put it behind your firewall. Usually you have one actual IP address per cable connection and your router/firewall creates the rest.  Voip's QOS (Quality of Service ) stuff has to be on the outside with the real address.   Programs like Skype are impressive because they have solved all the "can't get there from here" issues that still trouble SIP.

Let me know if you need any help....I know most of the VOIP industry personally. (feel free to google Riparius)
gmd024Author Commented:
Thanks raparius - I'll do a google on you a little later this eve at home - just leaving my business for the day
gmd024Author Commented:
  Thanks riparius - i appreciate the help
       I like what i saw on google - I will be in touch when i get a bug-free VoIP up and running
     I may take you up on your help invitation if my cable internet/VoIP set up doesn't go to well
             C-YA     (:D
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