How to Display all IP Address in a Domain using VC++?

Hi All,

    Iam doing socket programming in vc++ in that  I want to display all the IP Address in the domain using VC++ any body have idea for this.
Thanks in Advance
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Julian_CConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, for a start you'd be better off in the Programming area. You won't get many answers here. But I'll have a go :-) Firstly, what version of VC++ are you using? If it's in VS 2003 then are you using managed or unmanaged?

I'll assume Win32 old style. Start here and look around:

All the net*enum and netget etc return network resources by name and are easy to convert to IP.

Hi SueshPadmanabhan :-),
Since this question is starting to get old could you please give us an update on the status of this question?
See: Thank you, turn123 (s)
Yes, Suresh. Did the net*enum pointer get you going or do you need any more assistance?

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