Takes 30minutes to get an IP from the DHCP server

I have a MAC that's running Mac OS 9.2 and when it's powered on and goes into the OS, it takes about 30 min for it to grab an IP from our DHCP server which is a Sun box running SunOS 5.6.  Does anyone know exactly why this is happening?  It hasn't happened before, and how can you fix it? or reduce the time?
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Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
What more can i say ?
- double click the harddisk icon (top right corner)
- then double-click the 'system folder'
- then double-click the 'server' folder
- drag all the files in the server folder to the trashcan icon
   (don't hesitate, these are just shortcuts to folders on the server)
- empty your trash in the special menu
- reboot the mac

what happens is the following:
when you mount an appleshare-volume in the chooser, and you select that it should be mounted automatically (by putting a cross in the select box), your mac will put an alias to that folder inside the server folder (= a shortcut on pc). If your shared folder or your server name is changed, the old aliasses will stay in that server folder and your mac will continue to try to automount that old alias until you trash it.  you probably have a lot of old aliasses in that server folder. the easiest way is to dump them all, and re-select them in the chooser (appleshare) so you're sure they are all working.  on pc the same thing happens: if your shortcut to a server can't be resolved, it won't work. on pc you can fix the properties of the shortcut, windows will even ask you where the new location is.  on macos9 it's easier to manually trash them and recreate them by using appleshare in the chooser.
good luck.
Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I guess you already checked that both machines are in the same subnet, there's no firewall blocking against the dhcp broadcast, etc.

First thing i would check is DNS; both on the mac and the unix box.
Are they both filled in correctly ?
Incorrect dns can slow down things considerably.
kevin_maAuthor Commented:
We have a network with about 30 Mac's or so and only that one has the problem.  We also have about 100+ PC's which are allocated IP's without a problem.

Everything is configured right.  On the Mac, TCP/IP options are set to have it use the DHCP server.
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Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
First try to eliminate cabling and switch settings by connecting the mac on another cable where another mac works fine. It could be bad cabling, it could be a switch setting that tries to force duplex but can't.  If it's a powermac with an ethernet to aaui transciever, try swapping the transciever.  It is possible that the ethernet port recieved a power spike and is in trouble, so if you suspect hardware, it could be handy to have a spare NIC (a mac compatible one like those from netopia that are also osx compatible).

If all hardware suspects are eliminated, you could drop the tcpip preferences in the trash, and carefully reconfigure your tcpip.
kevin_maAuthor Commented:
It works fine if you assign it statically, just when it's set dynamically it takes about 30 min for it to retreive an IP.
Is it possible that the mac in question is trying to connect to a server or share point on startup that no longer exists? I have seen this happen if a user has specified for an auto login at startup, and the share point is offline or no longer exists.
Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Yup, try this:
- open your 'system' folder, then open your 'server' folder.
- Delete all aliasses in the server folder.
- Open your chooser. Reselect the volumes to be automounted.
- Reboot and check how fast it is now.
kevin_maAuthor Commented:
Good idea macdmz and Lieven.  Alright I'm a PC guy so when it comes to Macs I'm pretty much a newbie so Lieven can you further describe where I have to go and what I have to do?

deleting all the aliases may just not work

once the Mac in question has booted
select CHOOSER from the APPLE MENU
select the first SERVER on the list
click OK
if there are several folders listed and X'ED OFF
then DE-X them and click OK
do this for ALL the SERVERS on the list
when this is done reboot the machine

either the machine will boot as it should
or it will continue to hang

then go back and add your sharepoints
and REBOOT the machine after EACH addition

either the machine will boot as it should
or it will hang

this will isolate the guilty sharepoint

of course
the guilty share point is evident when you first scan the auto login

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