need to find a driver for hitachi gd-3000

It.s an aptiva 58u computer.... running windows 2000
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All I can find for you is this reference:§ion=productdetails&parent=productdetails&nav=left&path=jsp/hitachi/support/Drivers/

"Windows supports all ATAPI IDE DVD-ROM devices with its internal 32-bit Driver (i.e. the drive is plug and play).  If your drive is able to play an audio CD or explore the contents of a data CD through Windows Explorer, then the driver has been installed properly by Windows."

This statement appears explicitly directed at WinXP, however.  They also say here:§ion=OpticalStorage&parent=Support&nav=left&path=jsp/hitachi/forbus/Storage/&nId=iD#P27_1371

that when someone complains their DVD doesn't work they are talking about movie playing, not basic functionality as a drive, and tell you to download a media player.  Can you see the drive on your system?  Apparently it should just *work* without special drivers.
It appears that a specific driver for your drive doesn't exist. Neither google nor turn up anything. I came across a driver for the hitachi gd-2500. You can try it out, it might work. The link is:

You'll need to register to download it, but registration is free.

Please post your results and any specific problems.
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dxf224Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses.
I'll try the generic driver out.  The computer belongs to a friend of mine.  I'll email him the driver and let you know.

re ..."should work without special drivers" ... it shows up  as a cd-rom drive in device manager, but identifies itself as also a dvd drive when I right click on properties.   Strange but true.
hmm, strange indeed.
Does it function, do?
Send your friend the URL, also, for the media players.  Perhaps the Hitachi web site is right and you just need the player to make it go.

dxf224Author Commented:
Yeah.  It reads and plays cds fine.   My buddy said it was working fine as a dvd player when he bought it at the garage sale .... was running win98... He reformatted and installed w2000 ....he says he got some kind of an error message during the w2000 install that referred to the dvd player.  ...the message may have been something to do with a missing file ... that's
all he remembers.
which software does he uses to play the dvd's?
maybe the first link will help.
Also checking the bios version with the one I've posted couldn't hurt.
Good luck
Hi turn123,
my suggestion is to split the points between those who have responded
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