How to give a "raised" effect to a rounded rectangle in Paint Shop Pro

I'm trying to create a banner bar for a website. I've seen ones which have a raised effect, which I like, but cannot replicate. I'm using Paint Shop Pro versions 6 and 8. Any ideas? An example can be seen at
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chakaalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You want a bevel effect, which should be available under :

 Effects/3DEffects/Inner Bevel

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of tutorials for PSP on the net.  Visit and do a search on keywords like "bevel"  with "Paint Shop Pro 8" - you'll find dozens of sites with tutorials.

Good Luck.

Hi  crescendo,

You could just use a preset shape (you may have some). You could also just specify the width and height of your image, flood fill a color, and choose effects>3d effects> buttonize. That will give you the effect. You can then slice the image if you want to.
crescendoAuthor Commented:
OK, bevel looks better than buttonize, but they still don't look right, and I think the problem is that my rounded rectangle's corners are too square, so both effects look very square. How can I increase the radius of the rounding?
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In PSP 8, at least, there is a selection drop down box "Selection Type" in which you can choose a whole bunch of shape types.  It includes a selection "rounded rectangle" which looks pretty darn round to me.  It rounds proportionally to the ratio of height to width.

In a pinch  you could make your banner with the rounding you want, just the background -no content yet , then select out part of it, horizontally and remove that, then move the two pieces together.  You'd need to be careful to align your selections perfectly - I usually do such things zoomed way in.  

Codicil - I mostly use Photoshop - there may be a way to modify the default rounding of the selection in Paint Shop - if so, I have yet to find it.
Hi crescendo,

Take a look at this tutorial:

The rounded effect is created by using the selection tool, and choosing "rounded rectangle".
crescendoAuthor Commented:
Hi all

Thanks for the help. It seems that the curve gets more pronounced as the long side gets longer, so a 200 x 60 rounded rectangle has vastly different ends to a 100 x 60 rounded rectangle. I didn't know this.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the advice.
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