Exchange Server Outlook schedule confirmation replies going to wrong users

I have a client with an Exchange 2000 server sp3.  When user A schedules a meeting with user B, and User B accepts.  Users C,D,E,F get responses that user B will attend the meeting.  User B never gets a reply.  Have done a rebuild and searched both MS and Google without any help.

Any thoughts?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First instinct is delegates on user A.
What did you rebuild?

ccsistaffAuthor Commented:
I call MS support and they ran me through the isinteg and edbutil.  We have had this issue for some time, so I am re-visiting it for this client.  We spent about 10 hours on the issue once before and decided to table it until today.
ccsistaffAuthor Commented:
I checked the send on behalf of setting, but overlooked the delegates permissions tab on the user's actual client end.  I went in and she had set the delegates to all of the users on her exchange server.  Unset and we think that the problem is gone.

Thanks for the tip,

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