How can I simulate a modem connection on my T1 LAN workstation

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Is there a utility that will slow down my network card on my workstation so I can test webpages as though they were being viewed with a slow connection, such as a 56K modem?

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avidyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are tool to do that:

Dreamweaver has a feature were you can preview pages simulating whatever speed connection you want. 

good luck
Microsoft's FrontPage 2002 and some other webpage editors have that built in: they'll show on the status bar how long it would take a web page to download to a preset speed.

If you've got FrontPage, go to Tools | Options and  click on Reports View and there is an pull down menu Assume Connection Speed Of which you use to test with various speed.

i'm sure there are other utilities out there, but I wouldn't rely on any one heavily as download times depend on multiple factors, such as bandwidth, server status, client's machine and so on...

good luck ;)
metalaureateAuthor Commented:
XAT was the best. Thanks!
My pleasere, have fun slowing down ;-)
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