SIMPLE PIX515e VPN Question

I'm able to get my VPN working using the Cisco client VPN software but when connected I can only access my internal network equipment but not any outside network equipment like or anything.  What's my problem?
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Yan_westConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmm, Does is your ACL related to your VPN connection allows you going through it? did you bind your connection to a ACL that permit you to get out?
rkekosAuthor Commented:
I answered this myself.  I didn't have an ACL for the VPN connection so I could only access inside equipment, nothing external.  Seems to be working perfectly now.  My comcast connection does all traffic with exception to when I access a secured IP range which is then passed via the VPN.  Does that all sound correct?

Yan should get the points but I didn't get what he fully stated originally, so I just played around until I got it ... a month later :-).
Thanks :)
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Thanks for attending to this long-forgotten question.

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