Compare NOD32 with Trendmicro officescan!

Compare NOD32 with trendmicro officescan! Which one is better antivirus running in office which have 250 pcs running?

Compare the function, price, antivirus power!

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acmpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just off topic...

For 250 PC's I'd go for McAfee or similar product that has client management built in.

We pay around £20 per year per client and use McAfee's ePolicy Orchastrator to manage DAT updates and such.

Z03niEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My man, NOD32 also do have Enterprise Edition, the one with client management facilities.
See this link for more details.

thanks for the heads up ;-)

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I say just refund the points.
Cause actually nobody gave positive comment on this question.Can't blame cindy211 on that.
What da ya say acmp ?
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I do not agree with refunding the points, even if the comments where way off. cindy211 could at least have the courtecy to return and mention it.

EE Cleanup Volunteer
Bit late in responding, sorry.

I kinda sit on the fence here, I do get very annoyed with questions that just get abandoned. I think it's ignorant of the asker to just run off and hide, though I guess that sometimes circumstances take over and maybe there is a good reason for abandoning in a few instances. On the other hand I'd rather get points from the asker for actually helping them.

If cindy211 responds with an acceptable reason for the delay then I guess the points could be refunded. If there is no input then I agree with LucF. OK, this isn't the best example of an abandoned question, as the comments were not htat helpful, but I have participated in lots of questions where good info is given, answers have een spoon-fed to the asker, and they just abandon them.

In the end I side with the moderators.

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