bios issue power failure

i had power outage when flashing the bios for my p4S5MG GL+ motherboard
link here to it

Is there anything else i can do like make a bootable cd or something ?

i tried the a drive trick didnt seem to light up the floppy and i dont have an ISA slot with this board
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Honestly for the price of an ECS board I would just replace it who knows if it was a power surge. If you really want you can get a new chip but $25+ shipping. Those boards are like $50 shipped new. Goodluck.
I have checked manual for your mainboard and it seems that the BIOS chip is in a socket - could you confirm ?
If yes,there are at least 2 possibilities to recover - one if you know somebody with the same mb and second if not.
But first answer question.
aot2002Author Commented:
i do not know anyone with the same exact model mb.
also yes it can be removed ?

can i order it from somewhere or can i get a flasher ?
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aot2002Author Commented:
if so what would i be ordering ?
You can flash it. What you need is to check chip name (under the sticker with BIOS name, write down everything what is on chip) and file with BIOS (.bin).
You can find or different.
Or you can ask somebody in shop with electronic components near your house, technical university (electronic depertment)..
There is few possibilities to programm this memory.
Good luck.
aot2002Author Commented:
Price: 12,60
is this ? 1200 dollars or what ?
12.6 EU (euro) about 15 US$
In Europe: interesting article,
in US for example: (rather expensive).

Dynamic1Commented: well here is one for 40 something bucks shipped
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