VPN Connecting, but can not see computer

I have setup a VPN connection with a Netgear FVS318 firewall on one end and am using the NetGear Client software on the other.  I have a connection and can ping the computers from the software to the router on the other end.  However, when I go to view the data in the Explorere I do not see the computers.  I have the workgroup names the same, but can not see it.  Please help.  I think it is a Microsoft issue, but not sure.  I am using XP all around.

Thank you......
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  might want to take a look @ this thread as the solution involves configuring some static entries into your lmhosts file.


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solsticeintAuthor Commented:
I do get a connection with the router and I can ping the computers on the other side.  The thing I am having trouble with is actually seeing the computers on the other side in the windows explorer.  It is almost like a basic windows networking problem.  I can ping them, but the computers will not let me access each other.
You need to ensure that you have Netbois over TCP/IP enabled. You also can make an entry in your hosts file which maps your names to your IP addresses.  
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