No 3MB download on my wireless adapter 802.11b :(

I have Bellsouth Xtreme 3MB DSL.  I alos have D-Link 624 wireless 802.11G router, my wired computer that is connected to the router is downloading @ 3MB, but my other computer that has 802.11b wireless adapter is only getting half of 3MB download speed.  What could be the problem?
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Pentrix2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh man, it's easy.  802.11b can only transmit at 11mbps, while your 802.11G standard is at 54mbps.  Of course wired will always be faster than wireless, at least in this decade lol.  So keep this in mind, your wired is transmitting at 10/100mbps.  You see the difference??  Let's say this, wired adapter is getting speed at 100%, 802.11b is getting speed at 11% and 802.11G is getting speed at 54%.  Follow me on this one?  Please know that 802.11b is running by a fixed Half-Duplex mode, meaning that it can send OR receive, but not at the same time.  And remember, this 802.11b is using the frequency of 2.4Ghz that most of the cordless phones out there are using, causing more congestions.  And the further you are from your wireless router and access point, the weaker the signal strengtb and less bandwidth for you.
What link speed is showing for the wireless connection?
None of your first 8 sentances explain why a .11b network is working at less than 3Mbs.  I agree it could be interferance from a cordless phone or atenuation on the signal. However it more likely to be a misconiguration.
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Is there any chance that a neighbor or passer-by is associating to your wireless?  

In order to get a full 11Mbps through 802.11b, you need to use 5 adjacent channels (out of 11) worth of bandwidth.  If you have neighbors who also have wireless, you may only be getting 1 channel, even at close range.

Remember 3 things about 802.11b:
1. The 11mbps is for the wireless frames, not the actual data. Your actual data is closer to half that because wireless has a ton of overhead to ensure reliability.
2. If there's interference, there are lots of retransmissions, which means actual data throughput is reduced- sometimes by a major percentage.
3. if signal strength is not perfect, wireless steps down from 11 to 5.5 or even 2.5. Divide those numbers by half to get your actual data speed, assuming no interference issues as already described.
Right Mikebernhardt, thats what I was trying to explain myself too.  Just because it says 11mbps, doesn't mean you'll get that.  Always remember, wired will always be faster because it's transferring at 100mbps while your 802.11B is only doing 11mbps, now see who will go faster?  You think the 802.11B will go just as fast as a wired adatper at 100mbps.  You must be dreaming because no one has a 802.11b going as fast comparing to a wired.
Mirza20Author Commented:
I agree on that, but its just wire that its like this....
So mikebernhardt and Pentrix2, what is answer to the actual question? Why is Mirza20 not getting 3Mbs from his wireless link? You have ensured that we are now experts on the differences between wired and wireless links ;-) but are we any closer to solving the problem?

Lets get back to some basics. Mirza20:

What is the link speed showing on the wireless link?
Have you measured the signal to noise ratio?
Is there anything other than the download running over the wireless link?
Are there any other wireless devices running?
What encryption are you using?


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