Your Advise is needed..!!

Its not a technical question so, sorry i am not giving much points... and ya, the reason i am asking it in programmers channel is that i want suggestions from our community..

I am in final year of MCA, a softwares PG course in computer applications, in India.. I need your comments/suggestions about a question in preparing my resume..
Q1> Given that i am sending my resumes via emails. How would it be
                - If i use HTML rather than Word files
                - And Use <div> tags to let viewer expand the details in which he/she is interest... and by that keeping the resume's initial length short..

Q2> How will u see if i color some cells in tables that are more inportant that others... By color i dont mean bright colors, i mean slight shaddings in grey..

I do request, that, only those who are proffesionals or have the office or recruitment experence....
Thanks a lot for your time... and plz also write your Country along with your comments...
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JohnBPriceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd say you MUST include Word format without relying on color or fine shades of grey, because people are going to print it (to read later, to bring to the interview, to file in the HR records, whatever).  You don't want them to have a hassle printing your HTML, and especially don't want them to print it incorrectly.  You can send a link in your email, but you must include the word doc itself in your email, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to read/print it.  Also don't use any macros or non-standard fonts.  (Make sure you remove all revision history too!)

Including HTML might be nice IF you are applying for an HTML job, but you had better do a darn good job making sure it works with different browsers and it is impressive not only in content but presentation as well.  If you are not an expert in HTML, I wouldn't bother.

I've done my share of resume reviewing, and after having seen thousands of them, the most important thing is to put your key qualifications first and clearly stated.  An initial resume review is at most 10 seconds.  If it doesn't lool promising in 10 seconds, it doesn't get closer review.  For technical positions, I like the resumes that start "Expert in ...", and then "Experience with ...".  It takes just a second to find someone who is expert in C++ with exerience with web applications (or whatever I'm looking for).  Then I'll look closer to see the supporting evidence for expert claims.

Q1> I would stick to the format that the recruiter asks for, usually MS word, in my experience, recruitment agencies, edit your resume, to remove contact details, so a company cannot contact you directly, so it needs to be easily editable by them.
Q2> As above, but may be useful if you are applying for a job in a web / graphic / design environment, but generally people are looking for key skills / experience.
I work in UK / Ireland
Q1> You could offer them two formats; HTML and MS word. HTML is nice to use and easy to navigate, and means they don't have to download the MS word file. But, if they want the MS word version.. then it's right there. However, having both would increase the size of the email. If you could, try and make a simple website, which gives them the option to choose different formats. Then simply email them the link, perhaps? Or email them the actual website. :o)

But, Liddlers' recommendations are probably the best.. (I don't have a large amount of work experience. :o)

Good luck with the job hunting! =)
I think you should make your resume in following formats and keep with you
- MS-Word format
- Text Format
- RTF format
I have found that people usually ask for your resumes in either of these formats.

About coloring, I would suggest don't do that to highlight something. You can have a section in your resume for some important things for eg : Key Skills

What liddler recommended is really good

I work in Pune,India
dkinjalAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, liddler, DrWarezz, Santino_k, JohnBPrice.... Thanks for providing the substential points that are unavailable to fresher like me...
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