MSN Messenger Webcam+Voice is not working on ISA server

Hi everybody!

let me 1st explain about my network.
i have ISA 2000 installed on my Windows 2000 server. clients computers are mix (XP, 2000 Pro, Millenium and win98) installed with the Firewall Clients.
Now the problem is with MSN Messenger which doesn't respond to webcam or voice requests from both side. although voice+webcam works fine on Yahoo Messenger on clients but all we can do with MSN is text chat :( .
I also have run the script available on which has configured the protocol rules for the MSN Messenger voice and PC2phone but still its not working.(its working with the same protocol rules on my friend's cyber cafe)
Please give me an urgent and working solution of my problem.
i'll be thankfull.
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Ipo.:  your provider are not blocking some protocols, your router doesn't have some access lists that are blocking some trafic, let's make a check list of what-where we must have on ISA and Client :
(forget about configuration scripts and other 3rd party solutions and start from the base )

ISA Server (firewall and proxy)
            Function                                    Protocol type                                            Ports                           Special cond. for avail.
Instant Messaging and Presence                    TCP                                 80 (http);Brower proxy ok                     SIP enabled
Audio and Video                                            UDP                                            5004 – 65535                      No NAT Many->One
                                                                                                                          1503                            No port translation

                                                                                                                                                              ver. 4.5 Client doesn't work
Application Sharing and Whiteboard                TCP                                                  1503                              
File Transfer                                                 TCP                                          6891,6892..6900
                                                                                                               (one per transf. session)                            
ALL                                                                -                                                         -                                  UPnP must be used
                                                                                                                                                                   SIP/SDP enabled

Some tests:
a) turn off the ISA Client, set the default gateway for the client the internal ip of the ISA Server and try to initiate/receive a AV session.
b) use different  Windows Messengers ( .NET Messenger, MSN Messenger > 5.0, Exchange IM, etc.). There are many tech differences....
Anyway, an extras from Microsoft are saying that:
- "• Audio, video and whiteboard features use a variation of the SIP protocol and will not succeed through ISA Server if the session is initiated by the internal client behind the ISA Server computer. The only functional session occurs when the session is initiated by an external Internet client."
 - "• SIPS. Features such as voice, video, application sharing, and whiteboard require a connection to be made between an internal and external client, and use SIP Signaling (SIPS) to set up the communication session, which then uses dynamic ports. For example, using audio/video (AV) requires opening all UDP ports between 5004 and 65535 to allow SIP and media streams (RTP) to cross the firewall. The use of dynamic ports without an associated application filter is a problem because ISA Server does not have information about which ports to open and at what time. No ISA Server SIP application filter is available to circumvent this issue."
(ref. )
Let me know !
Open ISA console and take a look on the active or refused connections. Enable on ISA Messenger Protocol , first .
xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
therez only 1 connection i have DSL .
and i told you i already have run the script for MSN Messenger on that configures the protocol rules for the MSN messenger having all the essential ports opened.
and its working fine with my friend's net cafe.
what is ISA Messenger protocol ? i have allowed all IP traffice and blocked nothing.
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In the list of known protocols for ISA, it is a 'special' one for MSN Messenger. Just allow him !
xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
yea man i told you i have allowed all the protocols in ISA and which includes MSN Messenger 1863 which u r talking about that is just for the text chat and not for the Voice and Webcam.
i think u didn't get my question ....  I HAVE PROBLEM WITH WEBCAM AND VOICE ONLY not with the text chat .
and my webcam and voice is working fine for yahoo but not for MSN Messenger.
ok and please be sensible this time.
xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
C'mon man isn't it stupidity im looking for solution of just 1 thing and all the other things are working fine and i dont need anything to be done in FULL its just the matter of 1 MSN messenger Voice and Webcam thing and it can be RUN on the XP , 2000 Pro or 98 or 95 so it doesn't matter what OS u r using matter is the traffic for MSN Voice+Webcam should work .
 i think there are no experts here . i couldn't even get anything usefull in both of my queries :(
 this site really disoppointed me alot .

and now i dont hope for the results as it will be a wonder if anybody will come out with proper answer.

If you are reading the documentation that I send to you ,can discover that there is described  ALL the setting that is you must do. Depending of your configuration (ISA working mode), you can or cannot use Voice and/or Video with MSN. Just because MSN are using a different technology to communicate . For that reason,and some others, different messengers are working or not... It's up to you to solve the problem, I cannot have the remote control of your system (and I don't want !).
I'm not suspect that you are ... not advised about it, but " ISA 2000 installed on my Windows 2000 server" is not a complete description about your actual installation, while with ISA server you can do a lot of complex possible configuration. And I don't whant to talk here about client configuration !!!
So slow down and let's try to fix your problem. I don't care about points or something else, I just have a lot of experience with different systems and configurations so and I just try to help you !
And the site is for that and we can say that a lot of people receive help here, even in a critical situations !!!

xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
look man you may be OK but im talking about voice and video must be using certain protocols and these protocols must be the same on each server i mean its doesn't matter what configuration somebody has ..
i told you with the same protocol rules which are defied on many of websites its working fine on my friend's cafe but its not working on my LAN.

anyways thanks for the help.
xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
thanks for the detailed answer.
now tell me how could we enable SIP will it automatically be open when we allow the above protocols.
i could understand about the 1503 protocol and 5060 protocol all the other protocols i have already added .
please explain 1503 and 5060 protocols to me.

1503 is used ,normally, for Application Sharing and Whiteboard .
5060 TCP have the same role as dynamic ports for incoming/outgoing SIP .

Hope 4U that it works !
xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
1503 UDP ?
and 5060 TCP ?

also make me clear that are these secondary ports or primary and if seconday do we need to put under 1863 ?
and if primary what secondary ports we need to put under them .
5060 is TCP/UDP ( I recomand both). 1503 it is necessary only for full func. ( AppSharing and WB including).
ISA have only 1863 like primary (old Exchange IM mode), but many of the Messengers "flavors" are using the other ports so try first all the others like secondary.
After all, keep in mind that in most of the situations where ISA is involved (and no UPnP conection device are present), the session should be initiated from outside while the encapsulation of the sip protocol ( RFC 2543; ) are including real IP of the client (internal) and the response is not reacheable from outside.

xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
ok i have added 5060 TCP inbound/outboudn and 5060 udp send/recieve as secondary ports of 1863 primary.
and i also have added 1503 TCP inbound/outbound and 1503 udp send.recieve as secondary to 1863 primary.

lets see if that work or not.
I'm still waiting for some conclusions from "xqzme_plz" ...
xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
ok !
here im again!!!
well gnegrota i've tried everything and nothing was working thats why i wasn't replying cuz i was totally hopeless but now im a happy man as i've installed ISA 2004 and its working just fine for me having so much user friendly interface and covering all the drawbacks of ISA2000..
anyways your answers were technically right so you should be given all the numbers.
thanks for the support.
xqzme_plzAuthor Commented:
ok guys thanks for the support
see you some other time with a new problem
Tnkx! CU ! :-))
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