What is wrong with Java multimedia development tools?


I need to do some research on why developers tend not to use Java for multimedia development.  I've heard of some reasons, but I don't know where to research this information to write a paper.  I need to criticize Java's multimedia capabilities for this paper.  Any ideas on how I can research this.  I need good articles or papers sources, not forum chit-chats please.  I've spent days on search engines but I'm still clueless.

For example, I know of some differences between Macromedia tools vs Java multimedia packages.  IDE is likely Java's weakness in this area.  I searched in ACM and Google search engine, but don't know how to properly create a search query to eliminate loads of garbage info.

Also, can you pls name some popular development tools out there that are industry standard for multimedia development?  The only one that comes to mind at the moment is Macromedia products.  Any other products?  Links to articles and papers would be extremely helpful.

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girionisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do not think you will find much criticism out there since JMF is a mature framework to build the multimedia applications you want. Maybe you will find a few info on some parts of it but you cannot say in general that it lacks maturity, functionallity or ability to build proper applications.

Now you will ask me "why I do not see so many multimedia applications written in Java". Well in my opinion responsible for this is the lack of the java plugin in most of the computers. Given that

a) the largest part of computers are running some flavour of windows which only support an obsolete version of java (1.1.8) that does not support the JMF features (only a few AWT ones - very limited)
b) most of users are on dial-up
c) most of users do not want/know how/are afraid/are bored of waiting to download additional software
d) the java plugin is a few MB in size, 14 the default one, 7.6 the minimum you can get (compare it with the flash plugin which is less than 1MB in size)

Given all the above you will see why JMF applications won't run on the majority of computers so why bother implement them? Do not take as an example me or you who know about computers, are in broadband and we can download and install the latest version of the java plugin (so we can run JMF). The vast majority of the users can't/don't want to do it and therefore java suffers on the client.

Hopefully things will change. I read somewhere that M$ finally agreed to bundle java with the installation of Windows although not sure when this will happen. By doing that users will be able by default to run rich media java applications and we will start seeing more and more of them.
dovkatzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sun has an entire framework for multimedia, known as JMF. Java Media Framework. It's kind of old, but it works well, and is pretty easy. They have some simple examples

Download: http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jmf/2.1.1/download.html
API Docs: http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jmf/2.1.1/guide/index.html
Code Examples: http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jmf/reference/codesamples/index.html

Good Luck

skip1000Author Commented:
Hi dbk,

Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, my research requires criticizing Java's multimedia feature as supposed to complimenting it, which makes finding the answer much harder.  I am aware of JMF though.

I need to contrast Java mulitmedia features w/ other multimedia development software out in the market.  Thanks.
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