Outlook 2003 :: Forwarded messages are from wrong account

In Outlook 2003, I have about a dozen different POP3 accounts and I am attached to an Exchange server.

When I forward emails, they often change the "from" account to a different account than the one that the message was sent to. If I "reply" to the message, the account is correct. This only happens when forwarding. Also, the incorrect account that shows up in the forwarding is not the default account or even always the same account.

So, assuming I have accounts mark@company.mail, postmaster@company.mail, and mark@home.mail. I get an email addressed to mark@home.mail. I hit reply, and the "From" field shows mark@home.mail. Everything is good here. But if I hit forward, the "From" field shows mark@company.mail (which often causes relaying rejections from my server). What's up with this?
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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to start with Detect and Repair.  It is on the Help menu.

You could use separate profiles to check each acocunt separately.  This would make it so that each reply is from the proper account.

If that doesn't work you may be stuck with changing the FROM address by clicking on the FROM button every time it is different.
sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi markdanthonysr,

As Slink has said a change in profile might be causing it. Try recreating the pop accounts as most of the time ,recreation of them ( deleting and adding them again) helps.

You may want to recreate profile and see cos this looks kind of weird.
Possibly none has tweaked anything in your profile to behave this way .

markdanthonysrAuthor Commented:
I have recreated the profile, reinstalled Outlook, and deleted and recreated all the pop accounts. Identities are not a possibility since I am managing so many accounts.

I did discover something interesting today. When I cut and pasted an email address formatted "User Name [mailto: username@domain.com]" that one would always send via the email account at the bottom of the account list, no matter what. But when I removed the "mailto:" part, it would send normally.

I am sure that I am virus and spyware free. I do computer networking/consulting for a living, have several IBM and HP certs, and have thoroughly checked my system.

Anybody out there got any ideas?
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May be it is to do with the design of outlook 2003..
have you checked in another machines outlook and does the same behavior occur
markdanthonysrAuthor Commented:
Good idea... I'll try that.
markdanthonysrAuthor Commented:
I was in the middle of moving and couldn't get to the list. I'm fine with you doling out the points, but the problem isn't fixed. As of yet, there is no one who can tell me what causes it. I had already detected and repaired, recreated the pop accounts, etc. etc.  It really just doesn't make any sense. I'll probably burn one of my Microsoft Partner free support calls on this soon to see if they can help get to the bottom of it. It does happen on other PC's too, by the way. Any of you who have multiple pop accounts, try sending through a pop account at the top of the list useing mailto: address format and see what happens with the from part.
I also have this problem. I have 3 pop3 accounts in Outlook 2003 and sometimes, but not always, when forwarding or replying to email from one account (even though it says at the top of the email "This message will be sent via ABC.") it will send from one of the other accounts. There appears to be no rhyme or reason, and at first I just thought I was crazy, however another person I know with outlook 2003 experiences the same exact problem.
No viruses or spyware.
Office Updates done.
Have completely reinstaled from the OS up for other reasons, and yet still the problem persists.

I think there is a defect in Outlook 2003 but there is nothing in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
markdanthonysrAuthor Commented:
I am thinking of burning one of my free Microsoft technical incidents as a partner to make them aware of this. Maybe nobody's told them yet.
Any evidence that Microsoft has fixed this?  I see same problem
John TiburziCommented:
I have the same problem, too. We're running MS Small Business Server 2000, Outlook 2003 & 2002 clients. Email hosted by ISP (POP accounts), using Exchange Server for collaboration purposes only. We use the POP mail accounts exclusively, even when sending to other members of the firm.
When forwarding an email (usually opened from the user's 'Sent Items' folder), Outlook tries to send via the Exchange Server account (and fails). The only way around the problem is to REMEMBER EACH TIME (when forwarding) to change the account from the drop down box from "Microsoft Exchange Server" to their POP account.
markdanthonysrAuthor Commented:
John and tsoward .... you should open new questions, and include a link to this one, so that the experts will notice and try to answer. Since this one is status "closed" they will not. For the record, I have never figured out what caused the problem. The way I fixed it was to disconnect from the exchange server and use POP only. I use Outlook Web Access when I need to collaborate. This limits some functionality but it is functionality that I don't really use.
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