Not able to view PDF on an XP, IE6 and Adobe6.0.1 configuration, however saved PDF files open perfectly in the browser on the same machine.

One of our client is not able to view PDF on his XP, IE6 and Adobe6.0.1 configuration, here are other details:
1. The PDF is rendered as streams by setting content type = 'application\pdf' to the client side from web server.
2. A saved PDF on local disk opens perfectly in browser on the same machine.
3. We have another link (help) on our website, which links to help file (in PDF format) on our IIS web server. This file is openes perfectly.
4. I tested the scenario on many other machines having XP, IE6, Adobe6.0.1 and was able to open the PDF without any problem.

any help would be appreciated!
thanks in advance!
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What is the error. Is it a save dialog that appears or an error page.. what??
KrishanSammiAuthor Commented:
There is no error, a blank page opens.
Status is shown as "Done" in the status bar and an icon appears on the top left corner of the page.
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There is problem with integration of acrobat with the explorer. Try this..

Reset Security,Program and Advanced settings of the explorer to defaults
If that doesn't work, then try reinstalling Acrobat
KrishanSammiAuthor Commented:
I matched the Security and Advanced settings with the settings of a machine where the scenario is working (where I am able to view PDF), I also tried reinstalling Acrobat 6.0.1.  It did not help.
If you use "save target as" on this link, does the save dialog open up, and does the pdf download. If it does, I might not be able to go further:(
Above, what kind of icon appears on the top left.
KrishanSammiAuthor Commented:
The problem is fixed by upgrading Acrobat Reader from 6.0.0 to 6.0.1.
>>I also tried reinstalling Acrobat 6.0.1.  It did not help
above, you were saying :)

That's good that the problem is solved
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