MAPI send mail not working unless Outlook is open

Our company uses an accounting program that has the MAPI capability to send reports as pdf email attachements.  It works fine, as long as the user has Outlook open.  If Outlook is not open, it does nothing. Normally I'd tell people just to have Outlook open when they use it, except that tech support for the accounting program CAN send mail w/o Outlook open, and I've been tasked with making this work w/o Outlook.

None of the computers in the office can send w/o Outlook open, except those that have a PDA connected and syncing thier email.  All workstations are running 2000 Pro SP4 w/ Office 2000 SP1.  I've tried intalling Office 2000 SP2 and SP3 and tried Outlook 2002.  I've tried installing ClickYes, even though no security warning ever pops up whether Outlook is open or not.

I'm assuming that nothing is actually 'broken' since all the workstations are doing the exact same thing,  but I'm wondering if there's anything else I can try to make this work without Outlook open. As a last resort, I can accept as an answer a workaround in the form of a complete script that I can use as a Windows logon script to log user's on to thier MAPI profile with some process running in the background (I'm assuming that the having a user logged on to thier MAPI profile w/o Outlook open will allow this function to work).
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tsorensen55Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is merely information but, this is the microsoft Outlook Object Model Guard. This is part of microsoft's coding of outlook since office 2000-SP2 that basically was created to thwart the spread of the iloveyou and melissa viruses. The reason people with PDA's attached to their computers can send with outlook closed is most likely because the software for the PDA's generally changes the way the Object Model Guard views third party programs when trying to send mail. It treats the program as a trusted software and allows it to access outlook information and processes while outlook is open or closed. The biggest problem that occurred after this security update was that anyone with a PDA had to click an allow access button when it first came out in order for their PDA's to synch. Since the introduction of the Object Model Guard, both Microsoft and pda synch software developers have redone their code to prevent the allow access buttons from being presented for certain applications.

Now, unless the program you use is coded in a certain way to bypass the object model guard, your users who do not have the pda software (which already inputs the code to bypass the model guard) will have to have outlook open so that access is allowed to the program to send mail. The only other option I can think of tryuing is to install the pda software on the users who don't have a PDA and see if it allows them to as long as it's runnign or install and then uninstall the pda software to see if it mkakes the changes to bypass the object model guard.

I know that's a very unclean way to go about it, but the true answer lies in the developer of your software to recode and add in the functionality to the program to allow it access through the object model guard.
This article may give some insight into your issue:

In the meantime, I'll keep looking...
I'm not sure how you'd be able to make a login script to have a user login to their mapi profiles, but the reason that this is working for the people with PDA's is because mapi is always running on those machines.  On the machines that don't use PDA's, mapi is not already running, therefore it must fully open the default mail client.  So, if one could find a way to login to their mapi profiles without opening Outlook, you'd be in business.  I think I'd just tell my users "tough, that's the way it works".   ;)


I think it although may depends on the archictecture of your Mapi Access.
You can use Mapi in a way that it uses automatically the default outlook profile or you can use it the way,
that you fix the the outlook profile which you want to use.
And there are many of other opportunities.
(for example with an extra registration aof the user and so on)

And this causes some different behaviour of the outlook client.
Especially after Installing the Security Update.

See the Knowledge Base Articel :;en-us;263073
WD2000: Warning Message: "A Program Is Trying to Access ..." When You Send Mail Merge to E-mail After You Apply Outlook Security Update

and Information for Developers :
OL98: Developer Information About the Outlook E-mail Security Update;EN-US;262700

Which Error Message do you get?
With ClickYes you can only fix the problem that the Outlook Message "A Program Is Trying to Access ..." is commited automatically.
In which language is this programm written?
Student7Author Commented:
This problem is still unresolved but I am accepting tsorensen55's answer mainly because I believe his comment that the true answer lies with the developer recoding the software is accurate.  As I stated in the question, nothing is actually broken, I've simply been asked to make the software work in a way it doesn't.  In that sense mark-wa's answer is true, but tsorensen55's answer provided me with more insight as to why it works this way.

Simply installing PDA software on workstations w/o PDA's attached doesn't solve the problem.
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