Black screen on win2k boot

I turned off the win2k (server)

I started it again, and the screen stays black.

It does all the pre win2k operations, showing the info on ram etc.
and after that it stays black
not showing
the black screen with the white progressing bar, and then the win2k screen till the ctrl+alt+del where to put the password

the light on the monitor is like when there is normal signal.

I turned it off because it acted wierd:
the cd-rom drive light would stay on, no cd in it, and I couldn't get to "my computer" nor to explore from the "explore" command of the start button.

I ran an online virus check with Panda, and it found and cleaned a couple of files in winnt the virus info were generic "trojan horse"

Another problem was that I could not type in the IE address filed the www.whatever.whatever, it would have given me "operation completed" with a blamk page, but I could surf if typed the whole url: http://www.whatever.whatever

I am using one of the clients that go thru the server for the internet.

I am willing to raise the points.

Thank you
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User resolved; points (250) refunded and question closed.

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sounds like a corupt mbr, if you can boot from the original cd goto the repair console and do this;EN-US;307545

it says xp, but works for win2k server aswell

hope that this helps
kenesoAuthor Commented:
I can't open the cdrom drive ;(
Anything to do from the floppy?
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yep, hold on i'll find it
try this

hope that this helps
kenesoAuthor Commented:
I tried the above but no luck.

Then I tried changing the cdrom drive that was hanging ... and voilà it booted just fine ;)

If you don't mind I am going to ask for a refund, I'll wait for your feedback.

Thank you for your time and effort.
kenesoAuthor Commented:
BTW it took me so long, since once I moved and opened the box, I did a *bit* of cleaning ...
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