Northbridge chipset heatsink came off, missing mounting hook, dell 4600c

I have a dell inspiron 4600c and my northbridge chiptset heatsink FELL OFF. One of the mounting Hooks is now missing and i can't get the heatsink back on without it. I would just use thermal paste to glue it back on but the system keeps giving me a alert as soon as i boot saying the chipset heatsink is missing. Turns out the hooks when connnected to each other through the z wire clip thingy, form a circuit allowing the system to boot. Are these hooks soldered on or are they some how pushed into place, and i can't seem to find where to buy replacement hooks either.
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crazijoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you already glue the heatsink down to the chipset?
If you did I would check with a piece of wire to see if this is indeed giving you the warning.
Is it still under waranty? I would send it back to be repaired.
CyclonusAuthor Commented:
Warranty expired.
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Just buy a aftermarket heat sink.  THere are many different kinds, and they should work better than the stock heat sink.
activematxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is what they look like
I think in the bios you will find an entry to disable such a warning.
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