.NET Remoting to a windows service ( in .NET )


Here is an Visual Studio .NET 2003 solution example of a client ( console app ) project and a server ( console app ) project connectied with each other via and interface ( class library ) project using .NET remoting

it works really well but i have tried and tried to change the server ( console app ) project to a windows service project and it just wont work.

someone please either add a windows service project that works or change the current server project into a windows service project.
I cant figure it out myself

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NipNFriar_TuckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DaFou, did the solution that I sent you work for you?
Alright, I have updated the project with the needed pieces to make it a service...  There is a lot to do through the IDE, let me know where to send the solution...
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DaFouAuthor Commented:
ill publish the solution here when it works :-)

thx a bunch
DaFouAuthor Commented:

As far as I can tell the link you provided is about a remoting object accessed via a .NET service.
I already have a working example like that. The problem I have with that example is that i dont know how to have the remotingobject access methods and fields of the .NET service itself instead of only within its own remoting object.

I hope NipNFriar_Tuck fixed the problem.
DaFouAuthor Commented:
cant really test for now as I lost my CD 2.
But I beleive that if it compiles and runs on your end it will work for me aswell
DaFouAuthor Commented:
btw I could publish your solution here. But i can't guarantee the link will work forever just as I cant guarantee the above link.
That is fine... I did not do much to the original solution.
DaFouAuthor Commented:
In this question I continue with asking on how to remove the client app configuartion file.

It is worth 500 points and no code from this question is needed. If you could be so kind and to help out there aswell.

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