Install a HP LaserJet 2300 in Novell netware 6

Hi I need help installing a HP LaserJet 2300 on a novell netware 6 server!

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pyschesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you dont need to assign the printer to any parallel port.. this is only needed for dos printing..

the INPW tool will do it all for including adding the driver for the printer to the client..

see the following link for detailed instructions

no problem.

i hope its a laserjet 2300n. if so then the following will let you install it no problem.

If you are using it as an nds print queue, then either run the cd on a pc which has the netware client installed and logged in as administrator or download the Install network Printer Software from HP's web site. Again run this on a netware client logged in as admin and when it find the pritner (after you have attached it to the network of course) select nds as the printing method and the program will give you suggested print queue, print server and print objects, use these or change them as you wish and follow through the rest of the wizard.

This will install the printer on your server no problem what so ever.

If you wnat to use NDPS pritning then you have you have to run the ndpsm.nlm and the appropriate gateway (either HP or Novell gateway) to set up the printer on the netware server.. You then have to specifty tyhe correct type of printer and set it up as either a public or a private pritner on the server.

any problems just post here and we should be able to sort it out..
saidweintraubAuthor Commented:
I will then have to assign the printer a LPT port or something, like LPT 3.

I know nothing about novell and I need to set this up today.

How do I assign the printer to LPT 3?
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saidweintraubAuthor Commented:
Ok now can I install this on one of the client computers (XP running latest novell client) or does it have to be on the server? (novell netware 6)
This looks to be a duplicate with If it is, you prolly want to get a Moderator to delete it and refund points. You can post a (free) Question in the Community Support TA ( Be sure to include a link to this Question.
yeah that should be ok too, just run the tool i mentioned on your xp client and it will add the queue, print object and printer to the server and then the second part of the tool will install the driver on your system and point it to the correct path.

otherwise there are other ways of installing it but this is by far the easiest.

saidweintraubAuthor Commented:
Hi, I know next to nothing about novell so " run the ndpsm.nlm and the appropriate gateway (either HP or Novell gateway) " doesnt make sense to me, sorry.

Currently the clients have the latest version of the netware client for XP and I can run console one from a members computer.  I also got webjet admin and installed it on one members computer and set the printer ip address.

Can you please describe what to do next with this .nlm, where to do it and how?

Thanks so much
"...I know next to nothing about novell..."

Well, you need to tell us that up front. We don't know it - we're Experts, not mindreaders.

There are a LOT of small tasks involved in setting up printing in ANY environment, and a NetWare-based one is no exception. In previous Comments, I gave you links to the appropriate Novell documentation for this task. It doesn't seem to make much sense to me to try to replicate all that information here when its available to you with a mouse click.

Is there something specific in that documentation that you don't understand?
OK PsiCop is right here, if you want a simple setup follow the other link, or just run the inpw program on a netware client and it will do the lot for you.... this is NDS printing.

the ndpsm.nlm is a "Novell Loadable Module" go to the netware server and find the console, ctrl and esc should switch between modes...

at the console type load ndpsm.nlm

this will open a tool for adding public or private access printers - assuming you have setup ips on all of 2300's with "jetdirect" cards - this shold be no problem..

setup the printer gateway - still on the server and print a test, if this is ok go to the client and browse network neighbourhood, select netware services and look for public access pritners - when you find the correct one double click on it and it should set up.

i hope this makes sense if not go to novell site and look for documents detailing how to setup ndps printing on netware 6 they will ahve some really detailed stuff..

otherwise run the cd that came with the printer or download INPW (install network printer wizard) on your xp novell client... and run the program..

saidweintraubAuthor Commented:
ok so I tried the HP network printer install on one of the clients but at the end of the install it always says that there was an unexpected error and cannot install the printer.

In the console directory there are a couple entries for each printer, one looks like a rectangle and another looks like a little printer and I cant just do add-object-printer.

I cannot follow the directions on novells page because they say to use Imanager but I just have console one...

ok this unexcpected error is p[robably due to the program trying to install the driver and failing..

best bet is to install the driver as a local printer, then run the tool again, and when it gets to the driver part select the box which states choose from previously installed drivers, and select the correct driver.

this should resolve the issue.

any problems give me a buzz and we should be able to get this working ok..

btw if this still fails go to hp's web site and download the INstall network Printer Wizard tool.

saidweintraubAuthor Commented:
I'm such a fool..

All I needed to do to install it was this.

Go to a machine with NWADMIN32 on it and log in as the administrator.
Open NWADMIN32 and then insert the HP Install network printer CD and run it.
Go through the set up and it installed it for me automatically! lol
All I had to do after than then was install the new printer on each CPU and do a LPT3 Printer Capture.

Thank you all so much for your help!
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