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I can't solve a Linking Error with ILogPlugInEx on Windows 2003 server

Hello and thank you in advance. The code I wrote is working fine and compiling.  But when I get to the linking aspect of it... I get this error:

Log.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _IID_ILogPluginEx

What should I do?

I can't find any information around the net.

I am creating a custom logging object for windows 2003 server.

All help is appreciated.
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tolstoyleoAuthor Commented:
I could not post any more points than 500. I will up the points to a 1000 if someone knows what object needs to be linked with it... I'm exhausted figuring this out... besides... the code that came with the platform SDK doesn't even compile...
I am not familliar with custom logging objects but you may find that you've misread the documentation.

I would guess, from the name, that this would be a Plugin Extension. I can think of two possibilities.

1. This is a function you have written but the linker does not find it.

Try surrounding the function with:

extern "C" {
void IID_ILogPluginEx ()

Try calling it:


Check that you have used EXACTLY the same tyopes for parameters and return addreses.

2. You have not written this function.

Make a stub version that does nothing, or displays a message when it is called. If you have problems working out its parameters, us the 'lib' program to generate a map file of the library you are linking with.

Let us know if this is a function you hjave written or not and we should be able to help more.

>>What should I do?

You should use

#define INITGUID

before including

#include <initguid.h>

and all other COM related libraries to ensure that the interface ID (IID) constants are initialized.
tolstoyleoAuthor Commented:
Initially I was using ATL whilest making this (per the platform SDK's instructions) but since yesterday I have ripped out all the needed code and re-wrote it in normal plain old M$ C... It's compiling and linking fine now and works great (with the only addition of needing to use DLLRegisterServer).  I will split the points with both of you because you both had great answers and suggestions.

Thank you.

tolstoyleoAuthor Commented:
It still wouldn't let me split the points 500 so I just split it into 250 each.

Thank you for the help!

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