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Viewing non embedded pics in html emails in notes/domino 5 environ

We have ntlm security set on our ISA proxy and don't want to change it, is there any other way (other than changing to clear text authentication on the proxy) we can view non embedded pics in emails, ie receive html emails which have hyperlinks and for them to show.
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I don't understand what exactly you want !!

I assume that you have trouble viewing images in html...If that is the case then make sure the location document has correct proxy settings and internet browser is selected as Notes with MSIE.

If I understand you correctly, your users are receiving HTML mails that have IMG tags in them, to display a picture, but the picture is not part of the e-Mail message -- the IMG tag references an image of a URL (http).

There are two ways this can cause problems:

1) If you have the Domino SMTP server set up to deliver rich text mail instead of MIME, or the user's preference is for MIME, then the srever converts the HTML message to RTF, and it is the server that will need to be able to retrieve the image from the internet.

2) If the SMTP server and the user both prefer MIME, then it will be delievered as is, and it is the client workstation that must be able to download the image at the time the message is opened.

EIther way, if the image retireval fails at the time it is attemptred, the message will show a red X placeholder instead of the picture.

Solving #2 requires changing the location documents for each user so each includes the proxy information.  Notes shoudl then be able to log into the proxy (unless you have some weird proxy setting preventing this, which you may have been alluding to with your "clear text authentication" note).

Solving #1 requires that the server have a direct connection to the internet, or a proxy connection that reuqires no authentication whatsoever.  You can confiure a server proxy in the respecive server document in the Directory, Ports tab, Proxies tab within it.
stuartpedenAuthor Commented:
qwaltee your on the right track, I am sorry if I didn't express myself that well. What is happening is when the users receive an email with an IMG tag referencing an image of a URL (http) they are asked to enter a user name and password for authentication, when they do this nothing happens and the email is displayed with the red x place holders. Our ISA server is not set in any special way it is standard config
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stuartpedenAuthor Commented:
also qwaletee
you are a legend! I have read through some of your insightful replies and I am well impressed. I hope to be able to help others as I often see you doing one day...cheers
In the person document, Format preference Incoming Mail to MIME
Still if you are facing the same problem , in the server notes.ini
enter parameter
Else check the Technote from Lotus: 182419
We need to find out a couple of thinsg.  The first thing is whether Notes can use your ISA server at all.  The way to check that out is to modify your location document (temporaily).

File -> Mobile -> Edit Current Location
Browser tab
Change from IE to Notes (NOT Notes w/IE), and choose teh secondary option Notes Workstation (NOT Internotes).
Save and close

Now, try a test -- press Control-L and type the address of an external site.  Notes should prompt you for your proxy password.  When you finish entering it, Notes should successfully load the requested web page.  If it does, then you know Notes CAN use the proxy.  If it does not, then you are stuck -- Notes has no way of reading data from the Internet.

Thing is, the only place I ever worked that required autenticated proxy use was this really anal bank that had to track EVERYTHING.  Most places use an open in-to-out proxy.  Do you really have a hard requirement for an authenticated proxy?

OK, now change your location browser back to MSIE.  If you are able to use the proxy, you should now be able to open a message containing an image.  What could be happening is a timing issue -- the first time you authenticate with ISA, Notes has given up loading the image before you finish authenticating (or, the combined time to authenticate and actually retrieve the image is longer than the image loader's timeout).  The only ways around this...
    1) Just let users know that they will have to re-open the message after authenticating

    2) Or, set things up so users authenticate before they ever open a message.  This can be complex to implement.
stuartpedenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input madheeswar and HemanthaKumar..

once again thankyou...I had done all that you have suggested already.
What I have established is that it was OK till the ISA server was put in place. Notes has no way of reading data from the Internet. They don't want to lower the security on the proxy...
...I have found a guy here who has experience with the site (900 nodes )but setup by amateurs a long time ago.(I'm a contractor), he seems to think he may have a resolution...if he's as good as he says...I'll come back to you with the answer.
I think this is the solution below.
2) Or, set things up so users authenticate before they ever open a message.  This can be complex to implement
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