Time Zone Issue in VB

Hi Everyone!

I have a problem in my VB application.  Is there any way that I can check the local machine's time zone using VB?  And Is there any way that I can check if the time clock has been changed by the user?

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Dang123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
    I can think of only two ways to accomplish that.

1. You program is in the computer startup and watches the clock once every minute or so.

2. If your program has access to the internet, remember the offset that the system clock is from one of the atomic clocks that act as a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. Each time you want to check if the system has been changed, query the atomic clock and see if the system is still the same amount off from it, (or you can synchronize the clock for the user)

For the code look here:

For some servers look here


Check thiis link for the time zone.

KeikoWasabiAuthor Commented:
That's usefull, but is there a way to check if the clock has been changed by the user?
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