Visual Stuido 6 pro linking taking a long time

I have been writing an application that is windows based with MFC on a AMD processor with win XP. I recently got a job with the company tha I'm writing the software for. I moved my code to a new machine of theirs. Which has an INTEL P4 processor and Win 2000. My project in Visual Studio 6.0 pro on my home machine AMD 1.8 mGhz 512 ram will compile and link pretty fast. Now here at work the LINKING portion is taking about 5 - 10 min.

Is there anything that I can do to help speed up the linking?

Does anybody know what is going on?


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Some suggestions on things to check for:
-- Hard drive fragmented.
-- Virus scanner in real-time mode checking files on the fly
-- Some tools or source files on a network rather than on the build machine
are you compiling to a network drive??
b) did you compile locally(faster)
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KoderiterAuthor Commented:
-I am compiling locally, no files are on the network.
-I did check the hard drive and it needed no defragmentation, but I still ran it. (no change with linking)
-no Virus scanning software is evan loaded.
KoderiterAuthor Commented:
Has anybody had any problems with linking on an ITEL box vs AMD box?
I really would like any suggestions that you can think of.
i have a 1.3 GHZ intel and a 2.8 intel the difference is HUGE

So its probably the speed and not the make
jimwassonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do quite a bit on both (AMD and Intel) and don't notice any non-obvious differences. The amount of physical memory on the machines can make quite a difference. So can slow hard-drives.

Are the project settings really the same; things like enabling incremental linking, use of precompiled headers, optimization settings? Is the Platform SDK installed on both machines? Is the service pack level for Visual Studio the same for both machines?

Kind of a longshot but is the IDE integrated with Visual SourceSafe over a network (usually this slows loading projects)?

I compile on both XP and Win2K and XP seems just a bit faster.
KoderiterAuthor Commented:
I have noticed that linking does not take very long in RELEASE mode as compaired to DEBUG mode. any thoghts there?
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