Error 599 Cannot open sql server


We have a crystal report that give this error Error : 599 - Cannot open sql server. This is a report with 13 sub reports. The version of Crystal report is The database is Oracle. It runs fine from Report designer. When run from the Application it gives this error. The application is in Powerbuilder 6.5. The report seems to running fine in production on the users machine. We recently upgraded PowerBuilder 6.5 to 8. This report is not running in both the versions of the application. I have read through the other threads and couldn't find a solution for this. Its hard to say that the problem is machine specific because it works in other machines. Any help is highly appreciated.
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frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you verify that problem machines only have one copy of the dll anywhere?  Again, they could be in different folders.  Of course version # of dll also is of concern.

This error message usually means that the db can't be connected so it's either a communication problem (which seems unlikely since you say your development machine can hit the db) or a login problem (which seems unlikely since it works from some machines) or a connection problem - which implies dll issues unless it's simply a missing odbc driver or something like that.

Can you provide some more information?  How is the report being called?  Is this a web application or windows application?  When you say it works on some machines but not others can you distinguish a difference between the two groups?  Have you verified that the 'problem' machines can reach the database successfully?

shaminAuthor Commented:
hi frodoman,

I have pasted the code below which calls the report.
This is a windows application developed in Powerbuilder with Oracle as the database. There is no difference that i can think of between the machines on which the report works. Although i'm looking at the versions of  crpe32.dll on the machines that work fine. I copied this dll from a good machine into my machine and still get the same error. My machine has this problem and i have no problem to reach the database. I had mentioned that its not occuring on the production machines, but it looks like some production machines have this same problem.

Thanks for the reply frodoman. Any further help will highly appreciated.

LONG Error_Code
STRING Error_Message, ls_msgparm[]
unsignedlong msgHandle
int textLen
char charMsg

textLen = 100

PEStartPrintJob ( ai_job , true )
Error_Code = PEGetErrorCode(ai_job)

if Error_Code <> 0 Then
      if PEGetErrorText( ai_job, msgHandle, textLen) = 1 Then
            Error_Message = SPACE(100)
            if PEGetHandleString (msgHandle,Error_Message,textLen) = 1 Then
                  ls_msgparm[1] =     'The system is attempting to reconnect for access to this report. Click OK.' + &
                                                 '~r~nIf you still cannot access the report, please call the Help Desk.' + &
                                                 '~r~n(Error : ' + Trim(string(Error_Code)) + ' - ' + Trim(Error_Message) + ')'
            end if
            PEStartPrintJob ( ai_job , true )
      end if
end if

return 0

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Sounds like it could be a dll issue.  Make sure you don't have two dll's on the machine - check the win/system directory.

I'll keep looking but what I've seen so far relates mainly to dll problems.

shaminAuthor Commented:
Hi Jrmn,

Thanks for giving those links. I looked at the documents and it didn't help much.

Any other ideas.

shaminAuthor Commented:

We are trying to find out about the dll's in the users machine at this time.

Thanks for the info. I will let you know.

shaminAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for helping. We figured out the problem. There was a dll mismatch.

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