SQL Server 2000 setupsql -m command line flag


I'm studying to retake the SQL Admin exam (70-228) and wanted to familiarise myself with the command line options for installing SQL Server 2000.  The exam mentioned the use of a -m flag with setupsql.exe, but I can't seem to find out what this does.  

The BOL only refer to the -s -f1 and start/wait options.  I even tried running the setupsql command with invalid parameters to get prompt of valid options but it also just refered to those flags.

Any ideas?
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are you sure you aren't thinking about starting SQL Server with the -M option to put it into single user mode?
osullilAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million for that!
Sure....You said retake--how did you do on the first one?
osullilAuthor Commented:
Honestly I don't know as the only feedback you get on this particular exam is Pass / Fail.  From my own conservative calculations I got at least 35/45 questions right which is 77%.  As the pass mark isn't published don't know how close it was, although most sample tests place it at 85%.
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