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Hey all,

My question is about locating a target market. We are ad avertizing agency and therefore target different audiences for different clients. We are always looking for the cheapest possible way to get to these targeted audiences.

Can you please help me find the best current way to specifically reach a targeted demographic.

for example the best cost efficnet way to advertize and reach teens

another for the best way to reach mothers

and so on.

We buy clicks for $.13 or $.14 each.
our CPM for paid impressions is around $1


what im looking for is the cheapest possibly way to get high clicks for the lowest cost. I will give points accordingly on how useful the information is, and if it saves me money I have no problem racking the points up.

Thank you

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A good place to start would be with Google's AdWords program (  Basically, you write your ads, choose your target keywords (ie. the words an internet user looking for your product/services would type into a search engine to find it), define the geographic area where you want your ads to run and Google uses its powerful indexing abilities to place your ads in suitable locations.

One of the best things about AdSense is that you can track your campaigns and get ongoing feedback about what is working and what isn't.  So, you could try ten different approaches (ad copy, keywords, etc.) for a little while, then drop the ones that don't work, use what you learn to make improvements to the ones that do work, and introduce new trial campaigns.  Changes can be made instantly and on an ongoing basis.

Another good feature is that you can set your own pricing from 5 cents to $50 per click and set a daily budget from 5 cents per day to whatever you want to spend.

You can find more detailed info and tips on the AdWords site.

Another good one is Overture, which is basically Yahoo's version of AdWords (

There are tons of other PPC options out there, but these are two of the best because (as mentioned above), they have the indexing capabilities of their respective search engines to target your ads effectively.
Two other choices (courtesy of duz in this thread: are and
krazieintentAuthor Commented:
what is the cost of the adwords service?
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krazieintentAuthor Commented:
meaning is it still on a pay per click basis?
Yes, it's on a per click basis.  There is no set price, you decide how much you want to pay per click from 5 cents per click to 50 dollars per click.  Most people choose to be towards the lower end of that, of course, but it's up to you.  You get better placement, though, if you pay a little more and have a higher click-through ratio, though (one of a number of reasons why you want to monitor and refine your campaign based on the results you get).  If you're paying 13-14 cents per click now, you'll do pretty well at that rate.  If you find that you're getting a great response, ie. if you write effective ads and Google targets them well for you, you may find that they're worth a little more than that.

You also set your daily budget.  So if you decide to pay 15 cents per click and set a daily budget of $15, your add will appear until you have reached 100 clicks, then it will stop appearing until the next day.
Google, theyre leaging worldwide: use adwords and target to what teens/tweens would search for, similarly to moms

use direct target marketing and indirect like: advertise your stuff on a search when it is: baby names / buy nappies online / how do i deal with my kids problems etc...

see: to see the most used searches (mutliply this by a factor of two to seven to get what the searches on google are) <- use it or lose it, wont be online for much longer

Just my two cents worth
Hello dear....

[for example the best cost efficnet way to advertize and reach teens
another for the best way to reach mothers]

as per your requirement I would suggest you to go for yahoo groups or other groups items and contacts the admin of popular listings!!!.... there are alot of banner exchange working out their but most audience like are not attracted by these banner adds but teens and mothers used to read communities messages and the group messages!!!.

hope this would be a new idea for you and help you...

all the best!!!
We are an online marketing company, and we have hundreds on big clients that we manage pay per click campaigns with at the moment. The problem is that many people don’t really know to get the best out of campaigns and reduce costs.

 If you are really interested in targeting the RIGHT customers then we can  run a marketing campaign for you. We have a team of account mangers which will use our own online tracking system to see and give you the best input into who’s clicking and who’s buying, from this we cut down the costs inturn only give our clients the best possible potential customers.

We also do extensive research into the market and use this to our advantage.

If you want more into on online marketing please visit one of our sites or email me for a free evaluation of your site:

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