Certificates gone Wrong!

We are having a Problem here in our Credit Union...

We use certificates to validate users onto certain websites (Federal Reserve etc etc), under win98 it was working fine, butwe are now upgrading most machines to WinXP but the problem is when we do that, the Certificates work fine, until the user has to change his/her password (which is set to change every 90days).  I found a link on Microsoft that says just to revert to the old password, but this sortof defeats the purpose of having expiring passwords...

Anybody knows a way around this?

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saito1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hi civicex2g,

I guess that you read it. and yes as I wrote above, this behavior is by design so it means there is nothing to do unfortunatelly.
maybe better you choose "password doesn't expire" then you will not have this problem except user changes password manually...

happy if I could help you...



please visit:


this may help but at the end the document for such conditions it says:
This behavior is by design.

civicex2gAuthor Commented:
Thank you sir for that article, unfortunately that was one of the ones I read already but did not help we dont use roaming profiles... but we just solved the problem by extending the users passwords to 120 days instead of 90 so that they expire the same time the certificates do, ohwell thanks alot though.
civicex2gAuthor Commented:
yeah im going to do what you said and just put those certain users not to expire... thanks for you help!
and also you can choose the "user can not change password" so if user can not change password and password never expires you never get problem with certificates :-)

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