Windows Explorer, Photoshop and Pagemaker crash with no message when viewing folders containing JPG or TIF images

This is a problem I have on multiple computers running both Windows XP and 2000.

Folders containing images seem to become corrupt and Windows Explorer will just close with no warning and no error message.

Likewise when browsing or to 'save as' Photoshop 7 and when placing or linking an image in Pagemaker 7.

Copying the 'corrupted' folder elsewhere and renaming it sometimes works, at least temporarily, but I'd rather be able to work with my files where they're meant to be!

The computers affected are a Sony Vaio laptop running XP Pro, a Dell Dimension Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz running XP home, and a Novatech Pentium 4 1.4 Ghz running Win 2000.

I have up to date anti-virus software on all machines, I've run Ad-aware, and have downloaded all Windows updates (except SP2 so far). Any thoughts?
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tosh9iiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
summersdale, I have to totally agree w/ SheharyaarSaahil, feedbacks are like grades, it's used to judge our performance.
So I'd also like for you to delete it. (current state of emotion: keeping my cool, but disappointed)

But you are a newcomer, so it's understandable.

Now back to your problem:

It's strange that it's happening on both of your computer, or at least sort of.  It's almost like one program is conflicting with the other and they are both trying to open a file.

First, do what eortega619 said and boot up in safe mode and see if the problem is still there.

Second, I'm not sure about this one, but it might help find the problem.  Uninstall Photoshop 7, and see if there are any changes.  If that works, then you can reinstall it and reconfigure it to work.
Is this every folder with images or just certain folders?
Have you tried booting into safe mode and then accessing the folder?

Could you install and run Hijack This:

And then post the log in this thread? That will let me see what else is running in the background. You don't need to do this for all three, because fixing the problem on one should show us how to fix the problem on all three. Just make sure you let me know which computer you're running Hijack This.
Hello summersdale =)

i just want to knowone thing,,,,, do u use Thumbnails view in ur pictures folders ??
if YES then the problem can be the corrupted Thumbs.db(thumbanails cache), which is a hidden file in the folder where u use thumbnails view !!!!!

and eithr deleting this file or disabling thumbanils cache can solve this problem.... !!!

Enable/Disable the Thumbnail Cache

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I've heard that too many pictures can also cause your computer to crash, if you have it in thumbnail view.  How many pictures do you have in that folder.
One more thing, does event viewer say anything about what happened?
control panel>Administrative tools>event viewer
On the XP machines try going to the command promt by using the run command under the start menu and typing cmd onc there try typing sfc.exe/scannow and have your windows cd available it sounds like you may have corrupt sytem files and unfortunately the fix for that does not work on Windows 2000.
SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
summersdale..... first of all DONT USE FEEDBACK for the comments related to ur problem,,,, U have to post in the Original Question abt ur problem or progress...... Feedback is abt ur personal Opinion abt a particular Expert,,,, and u have already given me a Negative Opinion,,,, Wow =|
Now wud u like to delete it urself or shud i take the help of a moderator :)

and now abt ur problem,,,,,, there shud be a reason of the corruptness of these picture folders,,,,, what is the programs which u are using to open these pictures,,,, means the software with which u have accosiated ur pics,,, Paint, Photoshop etc etc ??

and one more thing,,,,, u shud be having any similar program installed on all of these three machines.... which is that one :)
summersdaleAuthor Commented:
I seem to have upset a few people because I don't really understand how all this works. Sorry guys! I'd be happy to delete any negative stuff but I've just spent an hour looking for a way to do so and I can't find my feedback nor how to delete it. Any tips?
click on the expert name,,,,, it will open his profile, scroll down and click on Memeber Feeback, here u can see all his feedbacks,,,, u will see an edit button under the feedback given by u,,,, and u can hit to edit it or to delete it :)

and YES,,,,, what abt ur current progress abt this problem :)
summersdaleAuthor Commented:
I'm going to upgrade Photoshop because that seems to be causing the problems. It's a common factor in all the affected computers and other machines in our offices with older versions of Photoshop don't have that problem. Thanks for everyone's help in this.
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