ok guys
Basically i am planning to make a new computer. I need your help in making a very powerful computer. A computer in which i will not have any trouble running any kind of game a computer in which i will not have any problem running any kind of software. And i need a computer that will support 64 bit processing. I will probably put a 32 bit processor in it to begin with but later when the need arises i want to be able to put a 64 bit processor.

give me two suggestion one with 1 processor and the second with dual processor. Is it better to make one with IDE cables or SATA or SCSI or what. I want to make a perfectly efficient computer. in another words a master piece.


the itguy

counting on you opinion.

thanks again
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joey_the_assConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As for the 64-bit part, as far as I know there is no motherboard that supports both 32 and 64 bit processors.  But get yourself an AMD-64 and it runs normal 32-bit programs and OS.  And then when the 64-bit windows comes out you will already have the hardware to take full advantage of it.

Hard drive I would probably get two fast 10K rpm SATA drives in a RAID 0 configuration.  Or a faster and more expensive SCSI drive.
what is your budget
You will want a fast video card,  and the way you are talking in the post, i'm assuming budget is no problem.  So with that in mind you will want a Nvidia 6800 or ATI Radeon X800 but these cards are quite hard to come by.

And you probably should go with at least 1GB of RAM, best would be two 512MB sticks in dual channel.  Get a good brand and preferably low latencies.
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JamesZeroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First off...

As some one said before, there are no Motherboards out at the moment that would Support the 32 and 64 bit, depending on what your buddget it, personally I would go stright for the 64 bit...

I would make sure the motherboard has 4 RAM slots, this will allow for Expantion!

That and it is faster to have  say 4X 512 RAM then 2X 1 Gig RAM sticks...

Comments about the graphics card have already been made...

In terms of Hard drives... fastest you could go would be to get a couple of SCSI 10000 RPM hard drives and put them on a stripped RAID... Although thats going to cost a fair bit!
adamdrayerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

>>I want to make a perfectly efficient computer

Well that's impossible.  Certain hardware is better for certain applications and certain hardware is better for others.  We could spec out a $15,000 workstation if you want, or we could get you the biggest bang for your buck at under $1500.

Contributing Factors to speed:
FSB (Motherboard)
HDD access speed

as far as hard drives go:
SCSI - Very quick and reliable.  A little tricky to install for a noob, and harder to find support for
SATA - Also Very quick.  can be Tricky.  Jury is still out on reliability but so far so good.  Cheaper than SCSI.  Extremely hard to find support.
IDE - Cheap.  Easy.  Pretty Reliable.  Easy to find support.  Slowest of the 3, but plenty of speed in most situations.

Video Card:
Whatever you buy will be outdated in 18 months no mater what you do or how much you spend.  So get something terrific but know that you will probably need to replace in within 2 years to keep up with gaming.  This way you can spend accordingly.
Magus_opusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for a graphics card you should stick to a 9800 Pro 256 MB if you don't have to worry about a budget.  It is no longer the top cat, but it is still in it's prime at the moment.  The advantage of the 9800 pro over the X800 or Nividia 6800 is that they've recently come into a price drop, and their availability is very high, so you are guaranteed to find a bargain if you do some shopping.

Minimum RAM you should have on the system should be 1 GB (no if and or buts if you seriously want smooth gameplay).  (other people have recommended this too, just wanted to add it again to indicate the necessity *grin*)

Snag a good audio card as well, not only does it give you better sound, but (to my belief) it will increase performance (an integrated audio card will suck up system resources just like an integrated graphics accelerator, though not as much).

(not copying other people's posts, just adding more diversity to think about.  *Smile*)
One often overlooked component is the power supply.  You will have thousands of dollars of sensitive electronic parts, don't put all those in jeopardy with a cheapy $20 PS.  Get a good brand such as Enermax or Enlight.

Excellent site for all computer parts is 
theitguyAuthor Commented:
ok first of all.

you said there are no motherboards that support 64 bit processors. Then how can the 64 bit processors run 64 bit applications and OS.

And For sure i will not be going with IDE it will either be SCSI or SATA. In which i need your help to determine.

Hard drive: yes it must be 10k for sure size i am not too concerned about about but minimum 80GB.

And Ram i guess will be ddr 400.
And make sure the hard rive has a big buffer, not a 2mb one; as this makes up for a big speed difference
"you said there are no motherboards that support 64 bit processors. Then how can the 64 bit processors run 64 bit applications and OS."

You seem to have miss understood, we said there are no motherboards that support 64 bit AND 32 bit processors...

You can get ones which support 64, and ones that support 32, but not both.

In terms of SCSI or SATA, really depends on your budget, if money isnt a worry then I would go SCSI for the speed of things, and as I said before if you put it on a Stripped Raid you will get even more speed!

But as someone said before, its not an easy thing to set up if you dont know what your doing!

In terms of ram, yes i would def go for DDR 400... Although if im not mistaken, isnt DDR2 around now? If so then that would be your bet!

theitguyAuthor Commented:
ok so if i get a motherboard that supports 64 bit and then get a 64 bit processor. isn't that better because for the time being i can install a 32 bit OS and later when the 64 bit OS comes out i can upgrade to the at OS and not have to worry about the hardware.

blacksteelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Medium-High dollar PC:

AMD 64 FX-53

Motherboard - Gigabyte

Memory - Corsair

PC Case - SilverStone

Power Supply - OCZ PSU

Video Card - ATI

Sound Card - Creative

OS - WinXP Pro

Hard drive - 2 x SATA Raid WD 10,000RPM

Well thats my version of a medium-high dollar PC. It's a cheap PC for under $2800 and a damn good deal I might add. The listed hardware I have is really nothing compared to hardware parts I have in mind. If money is no object, then you better ask me, because I have some really good recommendations. I forgot to add in CDROMs and DVDRW recorders, but that can be added for under $120. Anyway, if prices are too much to spend, then let me know, I'll change it around.
You are exactly right, and as I said in my first post.  Get an AMD 64 and then when windows 64 bit comes out you will be set to take advantage of the added speed with no new hardware needed.  
theitguyAuthor Commented:
ok some of my buddies think intel is the best. Now you guys suggest to go with amd 64 bit as oppose to intel.

why is that.
Of course everyone has their favorite, but what i understand is that Intel is better at processor intensive stuff such as video encoding.  And AMD is better at other things, notable playing video games.  But the reason we are recommending AMD 64 is that when the 64-bit windows comes out and you will be able to take advantage of the processor, it will blow any 32 bit processor out of the water.
As Joey the Ass Said... Intel and AMD r better at different things...

and I think he is right that AMD is possibly better for games...

1 thing to keep in mind... Intel processors and motherboards are much more reliable...

I work as I PC Engineer, I have never seen an Intel Processor Fail.... I cant count the amount of AMD's I have seen fail...

don't know if it still holds true but back in the day, AMD was cheaper and didn't run as hot as Intel.  I'm talking Pentium 90's though. Before the legal complications.  Is this still true?
blumbraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Intel doesn't make a backward compatible 64 bit processor.  If you want 64 bit, you only have one brand, and the best brand! could get a G5 Mac  :P
lol, but remember the classic quote.   "WHAT Mac Gamers?"
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