transferring table to excel

I have an HTML table as an output, i want to export the table contents to excel, is it possible?
i am using to JSP with tomcat.
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thomas908Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You may try

<%@ page contentType="application/" %>

in your JSP page.

But his way you may not be able to have complete control over data

 That is just there to allow a easy way to convert table into a simple excel sheet.  If you want more control over the data, you may use POI:

richard234Author Commented:
I basically need to manipulate print options like

Orientation automatically selected as Landscape.
Scaling fit to one window.
Margin left 0.00

Will this help me?
Yes POI will but NOT contentType.

Here is some additional reference how to set up print options:
required urgently sample code forExport to Excel for a jsp struts application.

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