Having Trouble Navigating Sites At High Dial-Up Connection Speeds

Hi Everyone:

         I am needing to help a friend with a peculiar problem.  As I understand it, if he connects to MSN at a low dial-up connection speed, like 24 or 28K, he is able to navigate the sites without lockups.  On the flip side, if he connects at a high dial-up speed, like 44 or 48K, the MSN homepage tries to load for a few minutes, then, an error message appears Server Not Found.  The pc itself is fine,however, he did mention Norton Recycle Bin strangely filling up.  

        At this point, I think his primary concern is to resolve the issues surround MSN Explorer.  I believe, based upon his description of the problem, is the browser is corrupted and probably needs to be reinstalled.  However, I do not have any experience with MSN, so, I am uncertain.

        Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

       Thank you.

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Hi GMartin,
> the MSN homepage tries to load for a few minutes, then, an error message
> appears Server Not Found.

At high speeds, does MSN homepage only give error or any website ?

Try to clear temporary internet files, folders and cookies and check if that would help.

Possibly a modem issue .
Make sure the modem has got the current updated drivers for that specific OS. If it has try to uninstall and reinstall the modem to see if that would help

You can download latest MSN explorer here
Check if that would directly solve the issue

Regarding recycle bin , Try to maximize the size of it
Right-click on Recycle bin icon on the desktop and go to properties.
Increase the slider there.
Check if that would help

It would be very advisable to scan for virus and spywares in the system

Check these for spywares

Spybot : www.softpedia.com/public/cat/10/17/10-17-21.shtml 

Ad-Aware : http://download.com.com/3000-2094-10045910.html?legacy=cnet


Use these for virus scanning





You say that he uses MSN Explorer as his browser, but what happens when he uses Internet Explorer or some other browser?

As for his Norton Recycle Bin, when you say "strangely filling up" do mean that it fills up by itself?  If so, it's possible that when he closes MSN Explorer, the Temporary Internet Files might automatically be deleted and put into Norton Recycle Bin.
One way to find out is to empty the recycle bin, then reexamine it later to see what's inside.
If his modem is set to connect at a high speed, try lowering the speed to 56k or lower.
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The speed issue may be an increase in error rates and retries.  Most modems try to find the optimal speed to work at, but if you push the speed above that, it will not work, or not work well.
Agree with callandor,

get his to change his homepage for a start by right clicking on the big 'E' (the internet explorer icon on his desktop) and select properties.  Type in a anew address into the address bar line.  www.google.com is about the faster and most uselful one to have there.  Click on Apply and ok then try to lauch the Internet Explorer again.   reasons for this is that the content that loads up on the msn page is probably taking longer and you will probably know that msn servers get bombarded by many users and this can cause the slow down of traffic at peak times hence causing timeots as you seem to be experiencing.  

One other thing if you live in the UK for example go back to that address bar and type www.google.co.uk  <-- notice .co.uk  Othersise you are actually connecting to servers on the other side of the atlantic if your in Europe.  Just thought I would mention that just in case.  Next thin is that your mates ISP is probably a pile of poo especially if its on a dial up connection using a modem.  Basically you get what you pay for I usually find.  When I was on a dial up connection I used to get it dropping out all the time.  I wonder if it's aol hes on Hmmmm.....

Anyway it could be for one of a number of reasons that this problem is occurring or in fact may be a combination of all of the above ans some of the other comments here.  But do the poins set out here and see if it makes a difference.  

One other thing you could do is this to check the ping speed.

Go to Start/Run and for win98 type "command" and hit enter
                              for XP type "cmd" and hit enter  

Usually one of those will work for your operating system:  You will be presented with a black dos window called the command line to most people.   You can type things at this line a press enter.  

Try typing "ping www.msn.com" and hit enter
type also "ping www.google.com" and hit enter

This will tell you the difference in time ms (milliSeconds) that it takes to reach and get a response back from those two servers.  Try it, it will probably suprise you.  I suggest the best speed you get back then use that server as the default address line in Internet explorer.

Good luck me ole chap

If you want to check the ping like pjcrooks2000 suggested you can also try this site:

Callandor is right. Could be the cable too: check the line from the modem to the wall-socket/try a different cable. Some cables have static/noise that can cause these issues (esp. with near internal-cable breach)
Blue Rishi
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

       Thanks for the great suggestions.  At this point in time, I am waiting to hear back from my friend to determine which suggestion or suggestions solved the issue.

        I will reply back soon.

       Thank you

Great stuff GM as long as they got it sorted out :)
GM ;)  well done Sunray!
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

       I wanted to take a minute to thank all the experts for the hard work that let to resolution of this post.  Each and everyone of you noted outstanding ideas and suggestions.  The thorough feedback and dedication to helping others resolve their computer issues certainly is the cornerstone of EE's huge success.  

       With regards to the steps taken to resolve the pc problem posted, it really took a combination of several things.  First, there were spyware and trojans on the pc.  So, we started from there.  All maliciious files were removed, but, the problem still presented itself.  Thinking the browswer itself may be corrupted, we uninstalled and reinstalled the MSN browswer using the installation file obtained from sunray's 2003 link.  After doing that, the problem became finally resolved.  
Just for good measures, we went ahead and updated the modem drivers and dropped the modem speed a little as well.  Thanks so much for those followup ideas.

        In closing, I look forward to continue my learning experience from this forum.  To me, it has been and continues to be an exciting adventure of self-discovery.  Like any other endeavor at which we hope to improve or excel, good troubleshooting demands regular exercise and practice.  This is what happens each time I try out all suggestions presented by the wonderful experts of EE.

        My sincerest thanks,

        George L. Martin

You and all of us have the same feelings about EE George, i am sure we will all feel the same when we say it was our pleasure, and it was our privilege :)
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi pjcrooks2000

        Thanks so much for the kind and warm reply to my thoughts regarding EE.  

You certainly are welcome anytime, and thank you for your comments about us too.... I am glad you got it resolved and I wish you the very best for the future :)

It is always a pleasure working with you. I donot think there is any other user who is as fast as you in responding to experts comments and who give the perfect feedback..

It is always nice to read your feedback .. Are you a newspaper reporter or someone on those lines. You can really impress people by your english writing...

Great to have you here.

GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi sunray2003

          Thank you for your kind words regarding my writing style.  Basically, I am a manager of a small chain of convenience stores by profession.  I write best when I write about what matters to me most.  Thus, my style of write is intimately tied to a process of self exploration, an examination of my own thoughts.  In other words, I think of writing as an extension of myself.  

          In any case, hopefully I was not too elaborate in describing my writing style.  It is my hope and firm expectation that I can capture some of my appreciation for the experts at EE with words.

          Once again, many thanks to everyone for allowing me to participate in EE.  

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