setting up a VPN using a Cisco 678 on Qwest

I am attempting to set-up a Windows 2003 VPN server connecting through Qwest using a cisco 678.  I have a leased block of static ip's.  

The current config is DSL Modem -> Switch ->  (Public static IP) -> VPN Server -> Rest of internal network.

I have tested the VPN server and it appears to work when routing from one public ip to the VPN server on the internal side of the DSL modem.  However when attemptign to connect externally, I receive an error 800.   My understanding is I need to do some special configuration to the 678,  what are these commands?  I also have a broadxent DSL modem, but I have neem unable to even get this to connect to Qwest's network.  Any and all help is appreciated as I need to get this resolved ASAP.

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Can you explain exactly what you mean by 'connect externally'?
Where are you connecting from?
Where are you connecting to?
Is the VPN active?
What is the VPN server configuration?
nwcc_seattleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding!  I hope this can explain the situation in a bit more detail.   The set-up is currently as follows:

Qwest DSL Line ->   Covad 678 DSL Modem w/ static assigned ip -> Un managed switch.   -> Cabeling to four different locations as described below (they each have a static ip address)

1:  A wireless router for visitors to the office to use.  This does not connect to anything else on our network.
2:  A Router for most of the office internet traffic
3:  A NIC on A windows 2003 server (with the VPN set-up through RRAS).  This Server has two nic's.  The goal is to have this nic receive external VPN traffic.  The other nic is for internal network traffic.  
4: My laptop for the purposes of testing.

When I was testing the VPN server and I configure my laptop with a static public ip address, I am able to authenticate and connect via the VPN.  Howver the traffic for this connection stays on the "inside" of the DSL modem.  When I try to connect from any point outside of the DSL modem, the connection errors out with error 800.  

Hope that helps.  Thanks in advance.
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As you are using a windows VPN server it will be using PPTP. You need to forward UDP port 1723 anf IP protocol 47 (gre) to your VPN server.
I don't know how to do that on the 678 as they don't use normal Cisco commands.
nwcc_seattleAuthor Commented:
Yes, the windows server uses pttp, and that is the same problem I am having.  I found one possible solution, however it requires me to turn on nat. and that causes regular internet access not to work.  Thanks for your help though.
nwcc_seattleAuthor Commented:
As a follow-up to this issue, it appears that the Cisco 678 does not support pptp session passthrough  (according to an engineer I talked to @ cisco)  I ended up purchasing a Cisco 827, and that has worked without a problem.
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