CPU to AGP driver


I have a

gigabyte 7vt600
1 gb of RAM
gigabyte Radeon 9700 Pro

the problem that I have is that all of a sudden all my games (opengl and direct 3d) stopped working. there were triangular atrefacts in games (Unreal tournament 2004 and Quake 3 was tested) and after 5 to 30 seconds the game freezes.

Through a long process of elimination I figured out that it was the chipset drivers. If I didn't install the via hyperion or 4 in 1 drivers, games did not freeze.

Performance wise I still get +-28 fps in doom 3 on high quality. (without chipset drivers)  How good is this?

After installing Windows XP sp2 last night the artefacts did not occur in the games BUT the game still froze. (Rolled back the CPU to AGP driver which fixed the problem)

So my question is: Do the chipset drivers enable a sort of "hardware acceleration" and my hardware is poked and thats why it crashes? anybody have a similar problem and found a solution? (The drivers used to work fine)
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blacksteelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It never hurts to update the BIOS if your having trouble. I did find some info about some patches for Gigabyte BIOS and the updates for them.


You might want to use the @BIOS program so you won't install the wrong BIOS if there was different versions of the board. It's certainly worth a try if nothing else works. If the games still freeze or have artifacts, then my best advise is that the video card is overheating. The ATI cards do heat up to the point of burnt toast because of the lack of poor ATI cooling. I'm not sure how your airflow for case or getting enough fresh air. I've had the FPS slow down and artifacts, it's normally some sort of overheating including a possible CPU overheat. I know from my years of gaming experience that heat can cause problems in such mysterious ways. I would also clean out any dust on the fans if you do open your PC case in the process. I hope you don't have this video card overclocked, because that will also cause artifacts or lock ups, it's just a word of warning. Good luck!

30 fps is usually regarded as the minimum framerate acceptable for video (film is 24).  With video cards, the drivers make a significant impact on performance.  The problem is when new drivers are released, they fix one problem, but can introduce another.  In cases like this, you have to try different drivers, because your system setup may not be like another's.
stef4sAuthor Commented:
Could it be that some hardware accelerated feature is broken? And when the chipset driver is installed this feature causes the hang... I just find it strange that I didn't upgrade any drivers when the problem started.

I think you are right though. Because the symptoms differ from the 4 in 1 driver to the XPsp2 driver. How are other manufacturers boards compared to gigabyte / via. this is my second gigabyte / via board and the previous one also had "funny" problems....
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It not very likely that it is a hardware problem, because those manifest themselves in problems which appear consistently and regardless of software application.  I tend to stay with Abit and Asus boards myself, because they build their motherboards with components good enough to overclock by large margins.
Are you using the 4.53 or 4.43 drivers???

Any VIA chipset - but particularly recommended for KT4## series, P4X4## series and newer, for example:

K7 chipsets: KT400, KT400A, KT600, KT880

K8 chipsets: K8T800, K8T800Pro

P4 chipsets: P4X400, P4X400A, PT800, PT880

MVP#, Apollo Pro## series, KT1##, KN1##, KM1##, KT2##, KN2##, KM2##, P4X2##, P4X3##, P4M2## (chipsets)
wlennonConnect With a Mentor VP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
Just to be sure, you can try going to System Restore, and choose a restore date when you knew the system was working fine.  If you do this, if you have any downloaded software, be sure to save the files on a second HDD if you have one (including any S/N's that came with them).

This is sort of a process of elemination, if the system works after the restore, then you are okay and leave it as is.  If you are still having a problem after a known good date, you can do an Un-Restore back to the way it is now.  That way you at least will know that it is software related.

Personally I have never cared much for Hyperion Chipsets, and the Gigabyte boards many of which support overcloking, just aren't up to snuff.  I stick as Callandor says ASUS, damned good mainboards.
stef4sAuthor Commented:
like i said before i have isolated the problem to the cpu to agp driver. What does concern me is that I was using the driver for months and there was no problem whatsoever. CPU temp is max of 60. I will test if my heatsink is effective on my vcard by disabling the fan. (see if it even gets hot.) I had to replace the SORRY excuse for a fan from gigabyte a while ago. So ill eliminate that as a problem.
DoTheDEW335Connect With a Mentor Commented:
did you miss my post? Still waiting an answer on which ver you used and if you tried any other versions of the via hyperion or 4 in 1 drivers.

  I read that you installed SP2, there are some programs including some games that are having problems with SP2. If the game worked fine with SP1a, then I would uninstall SP2. I read online that about 50 programs so far are not able to use SP2 completely. I'm wondering if this could be the cause of your troubles. I'm just trying to eliminate any problems and doing some troubleshooting of my own. The usual problems for artifacts and computer freezing are overheating of video card. It's not to say that other programs can cause trouble. What I would do is take the video card out and test it on another PC. I did read that you narrowed it down to CPU to AGP driver, but always elimate any other hardware that you think might be the problem. Good Luck!

stef4sAuthor Commented:
DoTheDEW335 I'm going to have to check back to you with that one. Also I am running a 7VT600 board. unfortunately lost my driver disk :(

blacksteel the interesting thing is that the artifacts are gone with SP2 but the games still crash, freeze in exactly the same way 5-30 seconds. Maybe I should update the bios too.
stef, ok i'll wait for it. If all else fails and you don't have anything important, you might want to do a fresh install of windows to help eliminate 3rd party program issues.  Just install the drivers then the game (after the fresh install) and see if it still does it.
stef4sAuthor Commented:
Sorry didn't have a chance last night. will do it tonight.

DoTheDEW335 I re-installed windows +- 6 times to find the problem in the first place. So its pretty fresh.
stef4sAuthor Commented:
this is how I found  the problem.

reinstalled winxp. installed sp1, dx9b, catalysts.... game works. Ok installed sound, chipset, mouse etc. Boom games broken.
reinstall winxp, sp1, dx9, catalyst... game works. install sound... game works. install chipset. Boom broken again.
reinstall winxp, sp1, dx9, catalyst... game works. install sound... game works. install mouse etc. install SP2, boom games broken.

Roll back cpu to agp driver games work again.

Fortunately after I did the first install of xp, sp1 and dx9b I built a drive image so I could install in 5 min instead of 2 hours..
blacksteelConnect With a Mentor Commented:

  My experiences with installing drivers is usually install chipset drivers first before video drivers. I would install like this: chipset, video, then sound; test the game out, of course add SP1a and DX9b. I still think some of this problem is that your BIOS needs upgraded. Did you check the video card to see if it's overheating? Did you have the chipset drivers installed before this problem happened? I mean there's possibly something else going on if the chipset drivers worked fine for games, then all of the sudden not working. Like I said, update the BIOS with the @BIOS program from Gigabyte, its a painless process to do. You don't have to worry if the BIOS goes south because there's a backup BIOS installed on your Gigabyte. Thank you and Good Luck!

stef4sAuthor Commented:
This is what im going to do tonight.

Disconnect my GPU fan. If the heatsink gets hot then the heatsink is doing its job. If it doesn't then I know that the heatsink is not making good contact.

From there I'll try upgrading my BIOS.

If that fails I'll try installing the chipset first and then the GPU.
stef4sAuthor Commented:
hmm played around today a bit.

Looks like it wasn't the chipset drivers just that the chipset drivers actually enable the AGP.

Updated BIOS. no go.
Updated 4 in 1 from Gigabyte site. no go.
switch AGP to off using SMARTGART (fixed problem)
switch AGP to 4x (doesn't crash often but VPU recovery kicks in from time to time.)
AGP 8x kills it as described above.

Checked my voltages with AIDA 32.

CPU Core 1.70V
+2.5 V - 1.31V (Could this be the evil one?) (is this the AGP)
+3.3V - 3.30V
+5V - 4.84V
+12V - 12.29V
+5V Standby - 5.05V

Do my voltages look correct?

stef4sAuthor Commented:
Also found this


could this be my prob?
stef4sAuthor Commented:
I know its been a while. I have solved the problem. Before I had this problem I plugged an extra fan onto my motherboards sysfan connector. Seems like the fan was drawing too much juice. Unplugged the fan and plugged it directly to the PSU and tada all stability problems gone. I have now diconnected all fans from my board and i'm running them direct. Will never touch those connectors again.
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