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My company mow plan to upgrade the Domino Server 6.0.2 to 6.5.2. At first we are planed to use in-place upgrade but my Director of IT would like to have a fresh install of Domino Server 6.5.2. The old mail file will store in server for reference.

If we want to keep all the configuration (such as the agents, policy, users, connection with China department, etc). What should we done before and after the fresh installation?

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madheeswarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First get user id of that mail file owner.
And open his mail file.(Ctrl->O) Select server and open the file

And now File->database->Copy.
Select only design and ACL. Don't select design and documents.
And click OK. Let it be Local. Don't change the nsf file name. let it be with the same file name.

And when the server is down,(backup 10GB mail file and remoce it). copy this new database into domino/data/mail folder.
in the fresh installation copy names.nsf and notes.ini
and also,, and also.

and copy desktopdsk6.dsk
And start your new server

hey. Don't forget to copy your mail folder in domino folder and also if any applications also, copy them.

ur server will be up.
fishwmAuthor Commented:
Since some mail files growth too large(some are more than 10GB), we would like these user use a new mail files. Is any method to do so?
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u need to re - register them.

else tell them to delete those mails.
10GB???? I am hearing first time a mail file is so big. R they not feeling any performance issues?
Did not tested. Theoretically should work.

Create a new file from the 10Gb mail file without documents. Don't change the file name. Just copy it to any folder.

once ur server is down, remove 10Gb mail file and place this file. Don't delete the 10Gb mail file. (Incase, if anything goes wrong, u can copy this asusaul)

Hope it helps.
fishwmAuthor Commented:
It's horrible right? And the user is major on IT. Ha...

fishwmAuthor Commented:
U mean create a new mail file using the mail template (mail6.ntf)?
No, create a new mail file from the original mail file(username.nsf) and copy it into the mail folder where this 10GB mail file resides. (and delete the 10GB mail file after taking backup).

If any problem arrises for the user, then replace with the old file.(most probably it won't happen).

Best of luck.
fishwmAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I have a little bit confuse, can u tell me how to create a new mail file from the original mail file.
If you will be using the old server's data and identity, then you can't have an absolutely clean install.  What you might wantto do is first create it as a secondary server, so you do have a clean install, then, over a weekend:

1) Shuw down both servers
2) Copy the old server ID into the new server (using a different file name)
3) Either completely disable the old server, or give it a third ID.  If you leave the old ID and ever bring it up again, things can get confused.  To disable it, just rename nserver.exe or the notes.ini.
4) Swap IP addresses.  If both are windows, then swap machine names.
5) Edit the new server's INI file to use the copied ID
6) Copy all mail files, and any other non-system databases, retaining the same RELATIVE PATH.  Example: If the old server's data directory was c:\notes\data, and the new one is d:\lotus\domino\data, then copy mail files from c:\notes\data\mail\*.* to d:\lotus\domino\data\ -- of course, you can just drag entire folders using explorer if you use windows, or use an FTP client.
7) If running on a non-windows platform, you will have to use chmod to assign the new Domino server rights to the copied files

By using the new ID, it will deal with all existing connections, mail delivery, and agents the same way as teh old server.  By swapping IP addresses, you make it invisible to users and other DOmino servers that the new server is not just the old server.  It responds at the same address.
For large mail files, instead of making them start from scratch, you could just implement an Archive Policy, which would dump lots of their old mail into an archive database, which you could put on some cheap storage.  For that matter, if you brought up the old server with a new name, you could turn it into an archive server!
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